/u/nogo13 is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8555 Well I am still at it,but Duolingo is pretty great
0.5974 Proper fit is more important than anything else!
0.5267 Except from winning the lottery...no
0.4601 Water. There are "Brands" that cost more than 100$/L and then there is Tapwater which is almost free
0.4588 "What is your favorite book?"
0.4588 Canada Lynx would be a neat name for a Pornstar
0.4215 Kiss a girl. Puberty happened.
0.4201 More like Colin Mochrie
0.3818 For me it happened when "Going Home for the Holidays" became "Visiting Mom and Dad".
0.0772 I didn`t even want to touch anything made from plastic for the following weeks.
0.0 Well,Girls actually...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 Es war vorherzusehen, dass es bei uns nicht so viele Kranke gibt um die vielen syrischen rzte zu beschftigen.
-0.8316 Was mich hier auf jeden Fall positiv berrascht ist die Zivilcourage die manchen Passanten hier bewiesen haben.
-0.6478 Planet Plastic http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1292648/ The only non-horror-film that really terrified me.
-0.6369 ITT: Drug Abuse
-0.5994 Bis die EU-Auengrenzen gesichert sind und Einreisende dort kontrolliert werden,wrde ich sagen.
-0.5994 Ich glaube nicht dass er die schlechtesten Chancen hat.
-0.5994 Klug kmmert sich jetzt um die Strana und Zgna
-0.5859 Well,that`s one way to ruin your career.
-0.5859 Karma,because she is a Bitch
-0.5574 Shots Fired
-0.5574 Unfortunately i have no idea,but if i were you i would ask /r/askhistorians
-0.5423 Fuck the police