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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8268 [If] it's any consolation, you'll make an excellent stepping stone on the path of hope to triumph over despair!
0.8016 [But] it was all in the name of seeing whose hope would shine the brightest!
0.7712 Is there anything you know that you'd like to share which makes you so sure it wasn't Fuyuhiko?
0.6597 [This...]this is what Ultimate Hope looks like in the flesh...
0.6588 You're doing a great job of that all by yourself!
0.5859 Can't you see the beauty in that?
0.4926 [Oh,] that's easy!
0.4926 [Heh,] thanks!
0.4753 [All] true!
0.4588 How would your talents be shining through then?
0.4574 It's definitely a match to his handwriting!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8847 [There] wasn't enough liquid nitrogen to make Teruteru go unconscious, but there *was* enough of it to skew the time of death that severely?
-0.5093 [It] would have taken an awful lot of work to move his body all the way up there without being noticed, so probably!
-0.4767 [So] she ran around blindly in a room full of smoke, knowing she might potentially collide into someone and cause an injury herself?
-0.4588 [Ugh...]if you're not going to listen, then this conversation is hopeless.
-0.4404 [I'm] getting tired of this.
-0.4404 We know which signature I am, seeing as how it's the only one getting stabbed in the next photo at the furthest front and center of the stage.
-0.4404 as opposed to the signature who was right behind me in the first image being the one who stabbed me instead.
-0.4389 [I haven't] needed to put any suspicion on him!
-0.4019 Come on, Peko; your blade is too dull.
-0.3713 [The] only thing I can remember is what Toko said..."I still never really liked her.
-0.3612 [There's] no way that I could have seen anything through the smoke, sorry.
-0.3595 [Come] now, I had no possible way of knowing what would happen when Mikan went up there!