/u/niceiceweiss is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8176 I was perfectly fine, thank you very much.
0.7269 [Very] well, I shall grant you the privilege of hearing what I was up to on the day in question.
0.7113 [Izuru] didn't kill Mukuro, but he definitely orchestrated it.
0.6922 [Speaking] of having the most to gain, I do believe it's worth mentioning that for most of us, losing our talents only affects us as individuals.
0.6808 [I'll] take that as a compliment, thank you very much.
0.6696 This is the only chance to save the world!
0.6639 [N-no!] I don't want to hurt anybody, I promise!
0.6103 Please forgive me!!
0.5267 As for what I asked Monomi for, my first item was a set of fluorite dice, my second item was a deck of cards, and my third item...was a Justice Robo suit.
0.5106 Luckily only Hiyoko showed up this time.
0.5093 [Y-you're] thanking me? [In] that case, you're welcome!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8516 [If] he lost as terribly as you say, how did he only wind up with a broken hand?!
-0.8316 [If] she was already dead, then there would be no signs of lack of oxygen or blood flow to produce.
-0.8271 Symptoms of aconitum poisoning show after an hour, and death can take up to six hours.
-0.8271 Symptoms of cyanide poisoning set in about fifteen to thirty minutes after ingestion, and death isn't long after...
-0.8016 I was doing everything I could to stop a murder from happening!
-0.7717 For Chiaki, the knife at the crime scene matches the chest wound she suffered.
-0.7345 There's only one way we can stop the Despairs from rising again!
-0.7096 [The] victim's windpipe was crushed and hyoid bone broken?
-0.7003 Monokuma clarified himself that she had no memory loss, so she couldn't have been awoken as despair.
-0.69 She couldn't have been working for Despair, and she wouldn't have had any reason to attack Makoto otherwise!
-0.6872 We can't let him win and bring Despair back to this world!
-0.68 You can't vote me as the killer!