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0.9094 *The offer was one that Tsukiko was more than happy to accept, clasping onto Mika's hand with one of her own and giving it a firm shake.* "Great!
0.889 [Your] optimism might be admirable if it wasn't so utterly moronic.
0.8807 *Tsukiko politely returned the greeting with a wave of her own hand and a bright smile before tackling the new boy's question.* "Ah, right, card gamer.
0.863 [Yet] again, you make your puzzles so easily exploitable by someone of a superior intellect.
0.8271 *Tsukiko's grin flourished as well from Shosuke's shared enthusiasm.* "Ah, well a whole bunch of different stuff, really.
0.8268 My name's Tsukiko - Tsukiko Shiotani, It's nice to meet you!" *Tsukiko held out her hand towards the boy, attempting for a second time to engage with him.*
0.7717 You're just an artificial intelligence stuffed inside of a metal shell, designed to think and act like him. [You] have no free will.
0.7584 "Oh wow, so does that mean it's like a family thing?" *Tsukiko kept a smile on her face while addressing the seemingly more timid girl and maintaining a degree of personal space in between them.*
0.7351 [And] take a good look around at where all your trust and camaraderie have gotten you.
0.6808 [If] you wish to continue making yourself useful, you could try dislodging that pipe from the glue in the shower.
0.6696 I'd love to hear about your time spent in the trenches!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 [And] tell me what you plan on doing when whomever is running this game flips a switch somewhere that turns him into a bloodthirsty killer.
-0.6207 Knowing that everything you worked so hard for was taken from you in an instant, and that soon your miserable and irrelevant existence will be over?
-0.4939 How pitiful. *Togami fires a break bullet at the Big Bang Monokuma.
-0.4939 [A robot] likely created by the mastermind of this game to betray us down the line.
-0.4588 That must be unfortunate.
-0.4019 [No.] [You] will lose.
-0.3774 Staring ahead at the ursine animatron, she found herself more at a loss for words, despite her whole body softly trembling.*
-0.3182 *Tsukiko blinks a couple of times, a bit caught off-guard by the boy's reaction - or rather, lack thereof.* "Sorry, uhh...I didn't mean anything by it.
-0.296 *Tsukiko's facial features crinkled up in confusion, glancing between the counselor and the door.* "Is there a window or something you could climb through from outside?
-0.2263 My name will live on for generations to come. [Within] the hour, any trace of you will be long forgotten.
-0.2244 *As soon as the name "Tamagotchi" was mentioned, Tsukiko's face lit up just like the metaphorical light bulb suspended over her head.* "Ah, that's where I'd heard that before!
-0.128 "Most of those Alpha cards are worth crazy amounts as it is.