/u/niceiceweiss is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 And I have a great responsibility that comes along with that. [I have] to do what's best.
0.8176 I was perfectly fine, thank you very much.
0.7269 [Very] well, I shall grant you the privilege of hearing what I was up to on the day in question.
0.7113 [Izuru] didn't kill Mukuro, but he definitely orchestrated it.
0.6922 [Speaking] of having the most to gain, I do believe it's worth mentioning that for most of us, losing our talents only affects us as individuals.
0.6696 This is the only chance to save the world!
0.5667 [I'm] not the murderer, that's why.
0.5267 As for what I asked Monomi for, my first item was a set of fluorite dice, my second item was a deck of cards, and my third item...was a Justice Robo suit.
0.4939 I can't see Nekomaru using one either when he has his physical strength.
0.4939 By the time I showed up, she had already taken care of Fuyuhiko, Peko, and Nekomaru.
0.4926 We have to do this for the sake of hope!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8516 [If] he lost as terribly as you say, how did he only wind up with a broken hand?!
-0.8268 [B-but] the stab wound in Fuyuhiko's neck was made after he had already died!
-0.7717 ..The despair of the killing game had been getting to me as it went on and..
-0.7351 It wound up being a largely negligible factor and had no bearing on the other two murders.
-0.7345 There's only one way we can stop the Despairs from rising again!
-0.7003 Monokuma clarified himself that she had no memory loss, so she couldn't have been awoken as despair.
-0.7003 With both of them incapacitated, I took out the knife I had acquired and stabbed Hajime first, then Chiaki second.
-0.7003 I don't think Fuyuhiko would have been able to do anything in that state, let alone stab his own neck.
-0.6996 We can't prove that Byakuya killed him off of that!
-0.69 She couldn't have been working for Despair, and she wouldn't have had any reason to attack Makoto otherwise!
-0.6872 We can't let him win and bring Despair back to this world!
-0.68 You can't vote me as the killer!