/u/niceguy321 is very positive!

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0.981 Sharing your experience inspires me a lot just now. You definitely seem successful from my perspective and I'm glad that you're happy with your choice :) I hope I can be just as successful as you.
0.9652 Just enjoy the moment and the beautiful friendship you guys share right now because nothing is more jubilent than seeing his smile and happiness :)
0.9526 I yieldingly gave her like a half smile , but she demanded a more honest smile, so I gave her an actual smile. "There you go, handsome!
0.9042 I might gain another 2 years before I catch up. BUT YES I AGREE BIASLY TO EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID.
0.9005 You're being badass in other things! But once you're done being awesome in those priorities, I hope you can pick up Korean some more :D
0.8995 I'm sure I can do better now that I'm more confident :) What about you?
0.8774 O man, thank you. I'm definitely making sure the girl turns out extra cute for you!!
0.875 It's adorable that it makes me melt inside ... I like how he jokes with me and how honest he is about himself.
0.8553 That's a really ideal life for me: waking up to research and discuss with like minded people who are just as enthusiastic as you for endless of hours.
0.8511 It's so cute and would make a really good end game photo. Thank you so much for the response!
0.8442 I'll find my look-a-like one of these days. As for you, I will use one of my birthday wishes next year and wish that you do get a girl to kiss you out of the blue one day haha.

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-0.7881 but I'm not good as you yet :(
-0.6774 I used to be in a deep depression and it was so hard to get out.
-0.6642 I went to the University of Texas at Dallas studying Software Engineer, but I didnt feel like I gained a lot out of the undergraduate program there.
-0.5927 I went last year for a month, but I regretfully spent a majority of the time in my room...
-0.5574 No one should ever be discouraged from achieving what they want.
-0.4767 Did I have a resting sad face or something?
-0.4767 I googled fundus thinking it was a massage parlor and man was I wrong.
-0.4445 But even if i try and they're being laconic, then it probably means they don't want to talk to me :( then I would just stand there and smile awkwardly in silence.
-0.4404 I wanna go home :(
-0.4215 I have programming experience, but no 3D animation experience at all.
-0.4215 If there were ever any days when I did get out of it and thought that everything was going great, depression snuck up behind and destroyed me all over again.
-0.4019 I just need a second opinion as to whether my mode of thinking is rash or not.