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0.872 Do you think Globo supported the coup because they are wonderful people interested in helping the brazilians?
0.6597 Yes, some people were in support of the military.
0.6369 The world would be a paradise if this were a real political compass
0.6114 Happy Birthday Clauser!
0.5122 Ok this is a political compass without doubt
0.4215 And Joo Goulart was still popular.
0.3724 A little bit of American democracy never hurts anyone /s
0.3182 Oh please. Joo Goulart indeed asked about an aliance of Brazil and USSR.
0.296 Ok this is a satire.
0.2911 The bottom left is Che on weed, so left libertarian.
0.2732 The ambassador said: Well, Cuba is coasting to USSR 1 million dollars per day.

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-0.836 Trump brought xenophobia and racism, but immigration and war policies are exactly the same as Obama's, which are the same as Bush's.
-0.8137 The only country that *does* have self respect to tell the USA to go fuck itself is Cuba, a poor and little island doomed with an embargo.
-0.7227 The USSR was a superpower that tried to stop this, but failed.
-0.7003 The fact that your ancestors have fought against Nazism makes them just as bad as you
-0.6705 Actually he killed a zigabillion batteries
-0.5719 I would give you reddit gold but I am useless.
-0.5423 The right is always a bad option
-0.4939 There was real opposition. If our democracy is chaotic today, it's partly because of 64.
-0.4939 There are no socialist politicians ruining the economy of Brazil.
-0.4767 The neo-feudalists are sad
-0.4767 Because you are inherently worse than the other comrade
-0.4404 Sometimes everybody hates roads