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0.8945 I am very honored to join the list with all the beautiful girls Here is my celebratory post!
0.8934 I try my best to make my poses look nice cause if I was a guy I would want sexy poses to look at hehe
0.8868 I'm pretty sure I was on his nice list :P
0.8687 Hehe thanks Tea I hope you have a wonderful winter break!
0.8666 Ready to be shipped tomorrow Size Small - PINK - Boyshorts $40 FREE Gift wraping available!
0.861 [SOLD!]This thong is absolutely adorable I am so in love with the color and how soft they are!
0.8384 Yeah it's a really pretty color :)
0.8327 Message me if you are interested Size Small - VS PINK - Extra low rise thong FREE Gift wraping available!
0.8316 I'm glad I made it to your nice list :)
0.8313 I am very careful when it comes to certain clothes and tops like these are usually hanged to air dry.
0.8176 Glad you like them :)

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-0.6666 * $50 - 1 Year subscription * $15 - 1 Month subscription. **Rules:** Snaps cannot be screenshot, anyone caught doing so will be banned and no refund will be given.
-0.5848 Too bad there isn't a double upvote button!
-0.4199 Sorry no face!
-0.3818 Sorry for the delay I was patiently waiting for this outfit to come in the mail.
-0.3612 Sorry no face.
-0.296 What's missing?
-0.2232 Why not self-gift yourself something you really want These panties are my go to panties when I'm not feeling like wearing a thong.
-0.1695 This might not be that helpful but just explaining my experience shipping from US to Canada.
-0.1689 Most cases where time does run out and we are not done yet they will add more time and pay.
0.0 You wash my back and I'll wash yours?
0.0 In my experience most buyers are aware of how much time they need.
0.0 In other cases where they do have time left offer sometimes we just spend the remaining time talking.