/u/neo_techni is slightly positive.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9136 It's better than super hot And yes, I'll get Arizona sunshine
0.7184 So the sequel will be an improvement by default :)
0.6696 I love that guy!
0.6249 It's awesome.
0.5994 Anything by super massive games.
0.5574 And better game assets
0.5423 Peace Walker let you go serial kidnapper
0.5165 You can't argue semantics while making such a huge leap yourself.
0.5106 It means they're free to oppress others
0.5106 Free country doesn't even mean the same thing to them.
0.4939 Save your sanity and just toggle comments.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8126 *while antigamergaters were caught abusing women physically, sexually, and one murdered a woman.
-0.7717 Torture is torture, regardless of what the government claims they've done. Agreed
-0.7573 You're doing what you accuse him of You can't expect us to take you seriously that it's so wrong while you do it to us
-0.7096 The rapist?
-0.7003 Known throughout the planet as the illegal alien's graveyard.
-0.6908 That's how terrorist groups get away with it
-0.6486 Dead rising 1,2,off the record
-0.6486 Especially when everyone and their dead mother is bashing Trump.
-0.6486 Dead Space.
-0.5994 If merely being there is antagonizing, then you should leave.
-0.5719 A few of your examples are things we literally depends on to live, other examples are dishonest.
-0.4767 The trailer we saw was multiple levels of terrible, and without Jade, there was nothing in common with BG&E