/u/neo_techni is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 Psycho Pass mandatory happiness You have to love it.
0.7906 I liked him best because he was the first one I saw, and that's who I'm used to.
0.7496 That is a very good answer to a very good question
0.7351 Well, ashes and feces are great fertilizer.
0.7269 And those are the people who don't deserve to be catered to. I am happy to play a game with only one race.
0.68 If the square vs diamond shaped Shreddies debate has taught me anything, that means it's better!
0.6705 My limit is pretty much zero censorship is acceptable.
0.6486 That's assuming their motivation is profit.
0.6369 Yes because I keep urls to every opinion I read online for games I don't own. Yachtzee said something like my claim in a zero punctuation video though
0.5994 It should be a definitive statement that yes, for the love of God, fsm, and anything else, child trafficking/raping is one of the worst possible crimes.
0.5849 Want to try that again with more honesty?

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-0.9217 So they'll get rid of kwanzaa since it was made by a racist, rapist, kidnapper, and torturer?
-0.8345 How could they be so stupid to do this right after the Huffingaton ofpaint just got their ass handed to them for doing this exact thing?
-0.8271 Whatever that race may be. Hell, even not pandering can make the game worse for it.
-0.8268 Stop this "fuck you!" nonsense.
-0.8225 Her lawsuit also failed because she violated Eron's human rights.
-0.8225 As someone who was raped as a child, I'm offended that ink and paper is treated as if it can suffer like I have.
-0.802 I even empathize with trees, to the point where I hate scenes in TV shows and movies where they destroy a tree.
-0.7906 Exposing Anita shitstainian as an ignorant, sexist fraud makes you a misogynist according to them
-0.765 When has anyone heard of a fatal shirt-coloring accident?
-0.7579 Someone just needed toilet paper but found out the hard way that the book was already full of shit
-0.7321 And men beating him to death for having forced sex with women, wouldn't be murder then?
-0.6866 Despite how islam poses the exact threat to humanity that feminists portray white males as, I still wouldn't wish death/harm upon them.