/u/neo_techni is kind of a dick.

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0.8957 Wait, I don't approve or disapprove of the wall, but why wouldn't it be in their best interest to build it?
0.8519 Maguire was ethical and honest in his reporting? Yes.
0.8008 I moved into my apartment like a year ago, I've only plugged it in now for Zelda BotW And I agree with John, 3DS got very few good games
0.6369 Vita at launch had more games I wanted than Switch will have for years. And yes, I too like trophies.
0.6369 I too have that game and I love it.
0.6124 I like to pretend I'm actually attractive.
0.6093 It's ok to keep doing it to us cause we aren't an actual threat and they know it.
0.607 Yes actually, since they're not hurting anyone.
0.5994 Super Stardust Delta came out during the launch period.
0.5994 I loved it on PSVR
0.5978 They can't stop you if you're dedicated.

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-0.8442 Everyone knows they're the biggest terrorist threat
-0.7783 You hypocritical assholes.
-0.7178 So if they can do it to a group that has mean tweeters they can do it to a group that wants to fucking murder you.
-0.7096 Shame she denies evolution...
-0.6908 That's 1 rape roughly every 18 hours.
-0.6808 Hell froze over.
-0.6808 No no no, you don't understand.
-0.6808 I was only raped by 2 people.
-0.6597 And just like the bitch hunt against "game developer" Zoe Quinn, gamergate gets blamed for anonymous mean tweets.
-0.6249 And worst movies.
-0.5994 I'd rather die than be her
-0.5574 The shitty acts done to them do warrant it.