/u/neo_techni is a total dick!

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0.7506 They seem to go hand in hand.
0.7096 It's adorable and hilarious.
0.6908 Does it have deeper themes about family and acceptance? Yes.
0.6597 Good to know, thank you.
0.6435 He's not just blaming something tangentially related, he's blaming an industry that has openly been against Trump and everything he stands for.
0.6369 Love for all mankind, not just the ones living in the same country, is one of his key messages.
0.6369 It's a hilarious show, not the end of the world if people like it.
0.5994 I loved it.
0.5848 Butter churning of peace!
0.5106 Hey, she survived walking through a puddle this morning.
0.5106 Luckily, the outlets he claims to work for are all saying he doesn't work for them.

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-0.9337 And those groups have actual murderers, cop-killers, rapists, kidnappers, torturers among them.
-0.9201 The very people who wrote the media narrative on us, have been caught beating, raping, and in one case murdering women.
-0.8807 Meanwhile Anita has said worse after tragedies and still gets paid for her particular brand of hatred.
-0.8791 So it's not ok to generalize those groups for those horrible crimes, but ok to generalize gamers cause some absolutely terrible people got some mean fucking tweets?
-0.8779 To the point where the FBI had to get involved and showed what a huge liar Anita Sarkeesian was about her terrorist threat claims.
-0.8483 The "victims of gamergate" were never questioned, as Anita even argued to do so would be sexist in itself. Who do we have to kill to be treated as humanly as Islam or BLM?
-0.8225 Evidence was never provided of the harassment, even in the worst claimed cases.
-0.8176 It's a hundred times worse than calling her a liar, and she went to the UN to demand that be censored.
-0.8074 That whole "I was biologically designed to sense oncoming death" or whatever was just stupid.
-0.7964 Hell, I'd wager one day we'll find out he's a sex offender of some sort
-0.7906 Worse, we have a list of antigamergate sex offenders, how did they escape being generalized when they've objectively done worse than us?
-0.7845 Why are we seen as the bigger threat when we have zero kills under our belt?