/u/neo_techni is kind of a dick.

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0.6478 I haven't seen you in ages. Well if you're really good at the game she can survive.
0.6249 Being feminine is great
0.5719 Can't be since many games I have are perfect.
0.5719 I have perfect tracking in every game except this one on my Oculus Rift.
0.5574 I'd care if NYT would apologize to us first.
0.5563 AS is vastly more fun.
0.5423 I don't really know how to prove it without you checking my submissions for my review of superhot where I compare it to robo recall and I say how superior RR is in every way.
0.5267 Mob justice gonna mob
0.4939 Why should we care?
0.4717 I didn't say pc bullshit.
0.4588 How many people need to die before they treat Islam like they treat gamergate?

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-0.8737 The tracking sucks, combined with the lack of checkpoints makes it very infuriating And no.
-0.8591 Can we add him to the ever-growing list of pedophiles, rapists/sex offenders and the 1 murderer? For a well-known hate group, we sure have a lot of catching up to do.
-0.8519 ~~Rachael~~ Rebecca Watson also pissed him off. Edit: A fucktard
-0.8316 By having that temper tantrum, people will now do it to infuriate him, whereas before it was just done in jest. Also, he did what Anita did to Sargon.
-0.8217 Also I get a lot of hostile assholes who can't accept the game is flawed
-0.8176 Gamers had every right to be offended and the dangerous dehumanizing hypocrisy. And it's the other way around.
-0.7845 I'm against the death penalty.
-0.765 You can't even bring yourself to admit the gamers are dead articles were wrong to target people who had nothing to do with what Zoe was going through.
-0.743 Funny how every single enemy you kill in halo is a male, and not a single how question is raised about the sexism of that.
-0.7357 I'm getting a little sick of everyone blaming people's setups.
-0.6943 Jews aren't giving anyone to take muslims, since muslims hate jews
-0.6808 Hell, even the flood since they're part of gravemind.