/u/nebalee is a total dick!

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0.8016 Any discussion of Wagner is also a discussion of denatured history, and of the inability of Germans to fully appreciate themselves and the beautiful, noble sides of their own history.
0.7269 A "load settings from a save game" button that opens the load game dialog, but only fetches the map settings would be neat too.
0.7003 And yes, of course you can listen to Wagner for enjoyment and education with all the ideological ballast detached.
0.6908 although it seemed like his hand bounced off the ball for a split second in slowmo.
0.6908 I wanted to suggest a simple "reset to default values" button, but presets are even better.
0.6249 What is undisputed by adherents and objectors alike is the conviction that Wagner's music is superb.
0.5106 Anyone who studies Wagner can perceive two strong forces, the light force of music and the dark force of the Nazi era.
0.4939 [hmmm, where have I seen that before?] =)
0.4939 Is the player rewarded in some kind of way or does it negatively affect the player?
0.4939 hand on the ball means keeper is in control of the ball and it is thus off limits.
0.4767 This needs to be black&white and someone cheerfully accompanying it on the piano.

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-0.9485 Sind die Analysemodelle berhaupt gut/korrekt, arbeitet die Software fehlerfrei, interpretieren die Behrden/Firmen die Daten korrekt?
-0.8316 Dann ist die Annahme, die Sanktionierungen wren selbst verschuldet aber genau so spekulativ.
-0.8316 Aber bei Billigstkabeln aus dem Netz htte ich schon Bedenken, ob die berhaupt die Spezifikation erfllen.
-0.8316 Bekommt die Schufa die Daten und lsst sie in den Algorithmus fr deine Kreditwrdigkeit eingehen?
-0.8316 And while Death began to make havoc in our ranks we passed the song on to those beside us: Deutschland, Deutschland ber Alles, ber Alles in der Welt.
-0.8316 Die GewohnheitsCDUwhler bekommt man doch eh nicht berzeugt mal die Sozen zu whlen.
-0.8284 Ist ja nun nicht so, als htten die die Reichweite, dass das irgendwen den das emotional verletzen knnte erreicht.
-0.7925 oh how i HATE matches against teams that fight for survival
-0.743 Was Wagners music despicably perverted by the Nazis, or did their adulation merely expose its inherent perversions?
-0.7351 How is that killing handled in Life is Strange, what are the consequences?
-0.7184 Maybe figuring out what his game and the other banned games have in common would shed some light on why his is banned.
-0.6597 Because only the left can criticize and mock trump, right?