/u/nazicumfarts is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Free shots would be great.
0.7446 Which could be why they invent this delusion that they're really a woman, so liking men is natural for them.
0.743 Come on holiday to Japan when you're rich from ripping off patients.
0.6697 I fucking love it.
0.6597 It fit better IMO.
0.6597 Dinklebot just fit better.
0.6597 Bone structure, and how tendons etc are attached to the skeleton and stuff like that make biological males better at most sports than women.
0.6418 The butthurt is so strong.
0.6369 However this is on the higher side as I love Japanese food and decided to splurge for this trip.
0.6369 Everyone should love them.
0.6124 You're still going to have a skeletal system and natural physical advantages that a man has over a woman. The IOC rules are childlike.

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-0.9337 But, some faggot dude with a beard, pink hair, facial piercings, in a stupid dress looks like some faggot dude with a beard, pink hair, facial piercings, in a stupid dress.
-0.8687 Grow the fuck up and stop spewing that "oooh, muh japans!" bullshit.
-0.8481 I hope their kids grow up, them murder their faggot parents for ruining their lives.
-0.8384 It's fucking disgusting. Let's ignore the "gender is a social construct" argument, and just go back to biological sex as the main determining factor.
-0.8078 I hope you get hit by a drunk driver, you pathetic little faggot.
-0.7964 Fuck off with your shitty videos.
-0.7906 The testosterone argument is stupid, because it ignores muscle and bone structure differences between sexes.
-0.765 I guess dumb weebs gotta dumb weeb though.
-0.763 Just makes you look stupider because you don't like the truth.
-0.7134 Did the other cuck mods pander to whiny little bitches and dump you?
-0.7096 But, some cunt nagging me to sing and dance would end up getting glassed.
-0.6908 You've obviously never heard of statutory rape.