/u/nazicumfarts is a total dick!

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0.9344 The next game is against Canada, so since we won this game 8-6, I think we have a great chance of winning against them, because we have a good fighting spirit!" \**
0.8356 Strawmanning as much as you can because you know I'm right, but you don't want to just admit it like a man. I couldn't give a fuck about what happened in Charlottesville.
0.8091 https://www.reddit.com/user/ghostofbennyaquino LOL I win, again.
0.7783 I pride myself on bringing you all the greatest loser weebs for you to laugh and point at.
0.7783 I enjoyed the admiration.
0.7346 Some dancing monkeys get paid very well, and go on to be successful in dancing monkeying.
0.7196 You don't need shit like JET if you already have a degree. Just make sure you brush up on the coolest dance moves, and some good hand-clappy songs.
0.7041 Get over yourself. How does them being the same thing fundamentally, but actually being two different things make "The nuances of food nomenclature in Japan pretty interesting"???
0.6908 It looks like a game that Tumblr SJW millennial children would enjoy.
0.6697 I fucking love my life. Oh, and there is this thing that you might have heard of.
0.6486 You're the JCE using laughably bad Japanese and acting like it's awesome.

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-0.91 You're such a dumb bitch faggot.
-0.8709 Faggot. Hahahahahah! Also, you just wrote the most cringy shitty Japjap I have ever read!
-0.8593 You're still a retarded weeb loser who doesn't want to accept he got wrecked.
-0.8516 Don't try and change shit to "I wuz exaggeratin' guize!" now, faggot.
-0.8176 That retarded, uninformed gun control rant he had made him realise that.
-0.802 Ah, I was arguing with 2 faggots with similar names.
-0.8016 It'll destroy the "muh Japans are so quirky" narrative that all the loser dickheads believe!
-0.7845 Did the bad word hurt you?
-0.7717 Seriously, stop weebing-out with your JCE bullshit.
-0.765 Show me the list you have, bitchboy, or delete your account in shame and fuck off.
-0.7425 You're the one bitter than I fucking destroyed you.
-0.7184 You also made a sock, 8f anyone had any doubts about how butthurt and weepy you are, that basically erased that doubt.