/u/nazicumfarts is kind of a dick.

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0.8561 I hope they sell those blue and white striped pajamas that were so popular there back in the good old days.
0.8176 It would be okay if it was an awesome AKB song, like "Only Today" or "".
0.7592 I fucking LOVE pineapple pizza!
0.7531 But, LOL at him saying he would help people trough the difficult process of coming to Japan on holiday.
0.6996 I'm pretty sure you could make a post on that sub that just said "Japan, amirite?!" and it would get THOUSANDS of upvotes.
0.5836 But Jimmy always says "Vos is always so smart and quick with his comebacks!"
0.5789 [You mean, you didn't see this handsome rogue?]
0.5267 She looked like she could rip your cock off like a celery stalk.
0.5267 And an attitude like Vasquez from Aliens ;)
0.5209 So, sit down, champ.
0.5106 He doesn't understand that he's is one of the reasons Japan gets made fun of so much overseas.

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-0.9203 The insecure hapa is 'sperging out. If you hate your non-Asian half so much, stop using English. It must be so hard being a jealous little manlet, so I understand you being so butthurt.
-0.9194 Loser weebs need this shit because they learn from watching faggot cartoons.
-0.8807 Seeroi is a pathological liar and an insecure dickhead.
-0.8714 So, when cunts try that shit on me, I just drop back into my Hull accent.
-0.871 It just isn't worth the time. You're a sad, angry, insecure little child.
-0.8126 Didn't you know that any bullshit you shit out onto the internet becomes valid if you end your post with "Source: lived in Japan"?
-0.8005 He doesn't have ANY "inside knowledge" like he claims to have. I fucking hate this cunt, and I hope immigration get word of his faggotry and shut him down, because he sounds shady as fuck.
-0.7964 We're just mocking you, because you're a faggot cuck.
-0.765 Stupid cunt.
-0.7543 Only weebs find this cunt faggot cuck interesting.
-0.7059 270,000 a month, for 35h/w doing a piss easy job that doesn't need any stills really other than speaking your native language , and these cunts are complaining??
-0.7003 But, no crowd will be shitty.