/u/nazicumfarts is kind of a dick.

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0.7177 Glad I could be of help!
0.6486 Yeah, if you like shit games it's probably the best.
0.6369 Sitting on the fence is the best option.
0.6369 reducing anti-yellow sentiment in the Western world . But, the fags who sign up for it, already love Japan.
0.6369 I bet we'll be seeing questions about the best pizza restaurants in Tokyo next...
0.6197 That's why I always say that those dopes who write shit like "trains in Japan are so amazing!
0.6124 Sorry that the Dark Souls games were too tough for you and you had to go play Bloodborne for something similar but way easier.
0.594 He really didn't think that through, did he? Are there idiots like this who dream of living in countries other than Japan?
0.5574 Well, I know there are people who are like that.
0.5574 If there was a God, judging by what is written in his best-selling books, there would be only one- like the Highlander.
0.5574 As a huge Dark Souls fan, I pre-ordered.

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-0.9413 Bringing up poise in Dark Souls, but ignoring that you can have a huge fucking weapon in Bloodborne and have it have no effect on your speed is so biased it's sad.
-0.8977 I'm too stupid, and too lazy to put the effort into learning the language though, so I'll just talk gibberish and claim I'm just out of practice". Fucking kill yourself.
-0.885 I guess so they can inconvenience even more people at once when some shithead kills themselves and wipes out 4 lines instead of 2.
-0.8689 Kill your family and drink bleach, shithead.
-0.8625 That's why I give out a lot of info on the embarrassing and stupid shit I've done in the past.
-0.836 Shut the fuck up, you autistic faggot.
-0.802 Keep telling yourself that while you play Bloodbore the dullest, shittiest Souls rip off after Lords of the Fallen.
-0.7902 You're just a fucking loser who is too dumb to google something.
-0.7713 You get to live in Japan and get paid for doing shit that anyone with half a brain could do. It's a fucking waste of money.
-0.7579 But, it was just shit IMO, and I'm tired of it being grouped in with Dark Souls.
-0.7351 And no matter how hard you try to say it was just you "testing" other people, everyone knows you're just a pathetic little weeaboo who doesn't have a clue.
-0.7269 The JET program is a failure, and a waste of money.