/u/naughtytwosome is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9022 I love it, would love to help you go again
0.8934 Wow nice load great body.
0.886 I like getting my friends to take a pic to when I'm drenched in cum, always fun to send to a guy to get him ready xxx
0.8748 Wow that's very sexy and you look like you have a rocking bod to
0.8402 Amazing load, would love to feel on my boobs
0.8074 Super sexy
0.7964 Wow that's a beautiful cock
0.7964 Wow you have a rocking bod and a beautiful cock
0.7964 Wow that's an impressive load
0.7964 Wow you have a beautiful cock there.
0.7964 Well why don't you pm me and I can help you with your confidence.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6249 You poor man I bet that aches and throbs.
-0.4767 Hell yeah i want some mmmm
-0.4497 I'm from Australia so im working ATM but you should tease me
-0.1531 Where's the cock honey?
-0.1027 I rate you ready to suck
-0.0935 If so you need to pm me, I want to know more about your hard bouncing shaft xx
-0.0772 I'm just teasing myself at the moment xxx
0.0 Using Imgur is a simple way of posting pics.
0.0 I sent you a pm.
0.0 Shave it or wax it.
0.0 It's so much sexier when it's smooth.
0.0 I'm Australian so at work atm but please tease me honey