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0.8422 I'm rocking 7 monitors at work myself but none of them are ultrawide Wonder if I can convince them to upgrade a few of the :D
0.8402 bless you good sir for enlightening me
0.8398 Oh man! <3 <3 <3
0.8181 OH MY GOD!!! It's amazing
0.8115 So many awesome scenes This has to be my favorite by far though https://i.imgur.com/dHRJ0mz.gifv
0.8045 That's a pretty sweet setup @OP Really like your desk setup It's a bit messy but here's my setup http://imgur.com/a/brV3n Also threw in some pics of my Waifu Bike :)
0.7906 Short of some frame rate issues when 3D is on it plays perfectly fine.
0.7845 Oh man this is gorgeous <3
0.765 Hey man, just wanted to thank you So far it's going great.
0.7407 I didn't even know there was a working PS3 emulator I'd imagine the Diva series is probably easier to get working than most games. Good work!
0.7345 Holy god that is amazing!

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-0.891 Accessory to a crime is still a crime He then would have to kill the neighbor as well
-0.6369 Holy god damn shit
-0.6161 On a residential account they aren't going to support anything but their crap.
-0.576 Obviously won't help the actual streaming but at least would keep your web servers from catching fire
-0.4019 I think I recently watched one of the vlogs from LinusTechTips where he had the same problem and just used an adapter without any issues.
-0.3818 The issue is twofold. ED desperately needs to fix their rendering of other players in SuperCruise.
-0.3089 Didn't setup one for plex since I just access it from their webUI CP & Sonarr if your trying them from a subdomain then nothing special needed.
-0.2232 Ah neat, I didn't know they did that That probably does change some things but either way I wouldn't expect much help from Verizon.
-0.2023 Damn straight son
-0.1697 Region-Swapped the EmuNAND on mine so I can run either JP SysNAND or US EmuNAND. Only downside is no eShop on the EmuNAND.
-0.1027 I couldn't imagine... I'm already having a hard time trying to figure out where to put the 1/4 scale Miku v3 figure that I have ordered
-0.0572 Man I don't want to imagine that nightmare scenario