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0.9118 If you are on PS4 I would love a key, I love playing tactically and would be willing to play most of the weekend.
0.9022 Thanks for the awesome tips and great recipes.
0.8957 I have not put anything together yet, but I thought if there is enough interest I would love to get a meetup going this spring.
0.8716 I absolutely love biking to work, great way to wake up and get the blood pumping!
0.8516 Shots looked great, super smooth!
0.8516 I would love a shot to win a copy!
0.8356 Wow those all sound amazing!
0.8341 I am located in Minneapolis, MN so we have pretty awesome bike community here, so plenty of bike lanes!
0.826 Yes, if you still have one that would be great!!!
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8074 Kudos OP for giving proper credit.

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-0.7946 I guess a new Pizza place is going in now, which sucks Pita Pit was Awesome!!!!
-0.7096 "Damn Nature, you scary"
-0.6908 Cooties Kill.
-0.6486 Nothing is worse then working through JSON Formatting issue only to find out you are missed a closing bracket.
-0.6059 It took me a year to lose 55lbs, but I was able to learn how I could eat without having to use a crazy diet.
-0.5562 Sick Video!
-0.481 Run into this problem sometimes and most of the time it is fixed by shutting down the pebble and turning it back and also doing the same for the phone.
-0.471 biking is now my main form of transportation, and I have never been happier!
-0.4168 Could not have been happier with the Customer Service they Provided.
-0.4019 Personally my I dumped my car almost a year ago now.
-0.4019 Damn, look into buying some DAL props.
-0.3802 With those engines so close to the cockpit, engine noise must be nuts!