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0.9558 I love the shoes too :) and the pic of the shoes is awesome - super well done!
0.9487 :D you look awesome :) I love the glasses!
0.9367 I think you look awesome - and I LOVE your overall attitude :D Keep being you!
0.9308 :D <3 Thanks :D
0.92 <3 <3 <3 Great pics, as always!
0.919 :D I'm glad I've been able to help in what small ways I can :) You keep being you!
0.9173 :D any way I can get out the door faster is a win, 20 min makeup is a lifesaver!
0.9139 Love the shoes :D looking good!!
0.913 This is a great picture :D you looks so natural!
0.9055 Smile's good though :D Pic #3 I like :D I might avoid using a flash, or a direct flash - you can see the shadow it's casting behind you.
0.9029 Passing's not the be-all and end-all :) And I think you look great :D

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-0.8701 I might lose the apron, actually, because we're missing out on the dress, and you've got little polka-dots on big polka-dots, so it's a bit busy. I'm not loving #5 tbh - you mostly look exhausted!
-0.8126 I filled out the form and was waiting to get them done, but on the verge of turning back and heading the hell out of there.
-0.7717 I still live in some amount of fear that bad things will happen because of this.
-0.7505 Yarr - I lived in Walnut Creek for 4 years, commuting into the city. Commute wasn't so bad to begin with, but that 4th year really killed me.
-0.6956 After I figured out the 55/40, I thought the rest would be a breeze, but the keyways on the others are tricky, and I haven't gotten anywhere with the titaliums :(
-0.6486 Dead Kennedys?
-0.6369 No crying, no screaming, no fussing - she was just excited and happy about having studs in her ears. I figured if she could handle it, I probably could to.
-0.6249 That's the worst one you've done yet.
-0.5962 I am *so* jealous of your hair!!!
-0.5848 ah, too bad!
-0.5651 I get my nails done essentially every month, and I've never had a problem :) it's scary, for sure, the first few times - but after that, it's no big deal!
-0.54 it's so frustrating!