/u/mynxee is very positive!

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0.9516 I wish him great success with his new corp and encourage anyone looking for a good place to call home in w-space to check Lux Permanet out!
0.9382 And yes, we welcome new explorers and new players, and do our best to help them get a good start.
0.91 Hugs, and thanks for the kind words :)
0.9062 He brings excellent skills and experience to his new endeavor, not to mention a chill, friendly attitude and fun sense of humor.
0.8979 much love to my co-leader and eve partner-in-hugs /u/johnnysplunk and to all our signaleers for honoring our credo and boosting the signal every chance they get.
0.875 happy second birthday to my corp signal cartel...after two years, surprised and delighted how well it keeps working.
0.8625 Thanks for your efforts in managing this project, Thrice, and also to our pilots out there doing the good work, as well as to all those who have donated in support of this project.
0.8625 It is best to leave a corp when being there impacts your ability to have fun.
0.8625 The toughest teachers are the best teachers :) Thera wouldn't be nearly as interesting without you and our other neighbors there.
0.8576 LOL I admit it's difficult to keep up with the velocity of members coming and going but I am pretty sure I'd have noticed that name!
0.8455 FYI we take our "family friendly" culture/chat policy seriously and enforce it consistently, so if you choose to join, always good to be aware of that.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8979 It would be boring if there was no danger or no disagreements.
-0.7003 I always follow up and kick proven offenders with extreme prejudice.
-0.6597 My losses and the losses of my members are mainly irrelevant to me.
-0.6486 Get in touch with A Dead Parrot; he's the genius behind Allison.
-0.6319 While it is public on the killboard, I am not in favor of waving violators' names around elsewhere.
-0.5994 If you feel you must kill our pilots, that is fine.
-0.5719 Don't be afraid to ask the other guy how you could have avoided the loss he handed you.
-0.5267 We expect to be given no quarter and no passes.
-0.5267 Credo violations happen, pilots depart, water over the bridge, we move on with our business.
-0.5267 The details for Credo violations beyond what I annotate on killmails to preserve our rep remain confidential to leadership.
-0.4939 They are a convenience to me in terms of monitoring at least some of what you guys are doing that might be a Credo violation so that I can take action as necessary.
-0.4215 Sadly, I do not.