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0.8979 much love to my co-leader and eve partner-in-hugs /u/johnnysplunk and to all our signaleers for honoring our credo and boosting the signal every chance they get.
0.8862 :guilty: But it is so very satisfying when our little startups become successful and fun communities, however we choose to define those things.
0.886 love to all the alphas who've joined my corp and increased the velocity of our alliance chat to warp speed with their questions and excitement about exploration accomplishments.
0.875 WELL FINE :P I did link this thread, however, so our guys can figure out who you are to say thank you.
0.875 happy second birthday to my corp signal cartel...after two years, surprised and delighted how well it keeps working.
0.8625 Thanks for your efforts in managing this project, Thrice, and also to our pilots out there doing the good work, as well as to all those who have donated in support of this project.
0.8625 It is best to leave a corp when being there impacts your ability to have fun.
0.8576 LOL I admit it's difficult to keep up with the velocity of members coming and going but I am pretty sure I'd have noticed that name!
0.8553 Crowdsourcing works surprisingly well for a service or product that is truly useful!
0.8442 Thanks for the fun mention of my corp and our birthday <3
0.8402 Even the smallest trinket can be charming and I love to collect them.

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-0.7329 But I'll disagree somewhat with the idea that corps with rigid constraints can't be successful because, well...look at Signal Cartel.
-0.6249 Definitely got a soft spot for our neighbors, no matter how many of us they kill.
-0.6249 The unfortunate fact is that some stuff really needs to be or can only be done by the CEO, so it will impinge on your time no matter how you slice it.
-0.5719 Don't be afraid to ask the other guy how you could have avoided the loss he handed you.
-0.5719 Abuse plus certain loss of anchored assets given our Credo is a reason why such a project would be unfeasible for us to pursue.
-0.4905 If you judge them on market value, you are doing it wrong, spacefriends. If you don't want your holiday items, give them to me.
-0.4215 Some of my corpmates using an Apple mouse or trackpad were struggling with the Alt-Scroll option, however.
-0.4019 You will lose ships.
-0.3875 Heck, we don't care if you don't know a thing...although I would suggest completing the NPE so you have a sense of how to navigate and basics of the user interface.
-0.3506 Some CEOs or corpmates will try ro guilt you into staying, and frankly I think some people threaten to leave just to get that kind of attention, but do what your heart tells you is right for you.
-0.34 I only accidentally recalled my probes 5 or 6 times.
-0.34 That could have been avoided if only the recall button and probes icon had been swapped.