/u/mushmancat is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8077 You better not suck and dedicate a song to me :)
0.765 You mean you couldn't tell by his super hilarious goofy dance he does.
0.7643 Well, they sound nothing alike but thanks for the rec, that was pretty good.
0.7506 A true streaming Hero.
0.7506 Songs like this make me cheer global warming.
0.6369 Best Poacher ever.
0.5799 I'm so glad we saved our losing streak for the playoffs
0.5574 Hahaha, I said the same thing to my dad when they first showed the stadium.
0.5267 Enjoying that soap box?
0.5106 someone and r/powermetal is a fun of mental retardation
0.4939 To be fair, Louis CK's new special jokes about suicide and it's hilarious

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8391 What is this retarded shit?
-0.8061 Every metal project this douche is involved with is cancer.
-0.7003 Your loss to us has everything to do with us passing the curse of caricola onto you.
-0.6249 Fraser Edwards is the worst thing to happen to power metal.
-0.6249 Worst all time post?
-0.6249 This might be one of the worst things i've ever heard.
-0.5994 Get ready for 20 years of pain and suffering
-0.5994 Sinister Lunar Shadow Crystal Viper
-0.5994 She might die before the end of this.
-0.5848 The curse has been passed on to a new club!
-0.5719 literally every fast and the furious post.
-0.5719 all napalm bands suck shit in the talent department