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0.885 Actually most are for friends or family; we've been hoping to find it on disc and finally found a few at Best Buy.
0.8807 They do allow it on Android and iOS through an SDK, but only for personal use -- not even letting you hand it around for free.
0.8715 For me, that's Overwatch and Rocket League! Congrats on the kid, and good luck!
0.8555 I'll re-affirm after hours of play, but this appears to be significantly improved, yes.
0.802 As a software engineering manager, super kudos to MS for what they're doing, with rapid updates, transparency, feedback, preview build.
0.7906 Yes please :)
0.7414 Yes, I was playing drums on hard, so that's good feedback.
0.7228 And the tone of the games is "cuter" such that my kid likes watching them and my wife is happy to watch as well -- something not really true about shadows of mordor, et al.
0.7177 Ordered 2; hoping for better range!
0.7003 But they've definitely improved the radio range in the controller itself.
0.6997 But, also the multiplayer games you can play 1-2 rounds quickly are also really effective.

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-0.5504 Still looking for maybe it to click back on, but not hopeful.
-0.4019 Tried a couple days ago and it didn't work -- same error you're getting.
-0.34 Had to move the Xbox One into the main room, which is inconvenient, and toddler issues.
-0.296 Where do you find a dog with no legs?
-0.296 With the new S controllers and no other changes, I was able to move it back.
-0.1511 But I will say - online gaming has not been important to me.
-0.126 If you're not playing in a very dark room, I'm sure it makes no difference.
-0.024 I play typically in dark, black theatre room with a projector, and the controller light is very distracting.
0.0 Second this!
0.0 Dad with a 2 yr old and 4 yr old here.
0.0 Because of the unpredictable nature of parenting little ones, and not knowing when you're going to be needed, my primary games have been immersive single player games.
0.0 Notably: The Witcher III, Fallout 4.