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0.9081 Thanks for sharing OC with DiB, could you please add a comment linking to the data source and the tool used to graph it, to help others who are interested in looking into the data?
0.8424 Great job keep track of your expenses so diligently and congrats on the marriage!
0.8176 The DS community on Twitter and DS/ML related subreddits are also great sources of inspiration or techniques to execute in personal projects.
0.8172 Neat viz, I love the gif!
0.7959 Great work, clearly you put in a lot of effort into it!
0.7906 Despite this though it was still a great idea for a viz, thanks for contributing OC to the sub.
0.7906 Thanks for contributing great OC to the sub.
0.7906 Hi OP, nice viz, love the logos in the dots.
0.7845 I think the table is great, a lot easier to see the variables in an ordered fashion than try to squeeze it into the graph.
0.7574 Also congrats on your progress!
0.7506 Thanks for the swift reply, the links put in comments help readers go to the data immediately as opposed to having to search or type in long urls.

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-0.6997 Look at this Morty look at my fucking hands -- absolutely killed me can't wait for the new season.
-0.5719 "Big Data" although I hate that term).
-0.4019 Hi lemtrees, If I remember correctly the rule was made around a year ago when we received multiple complaints from users that American Politics had flooded the sub.
-0.25 She drew a lot of attention to herself if I remember correctly when crashing a MRA event at Toronto and people recorded her swearing and belittling men and women present alike.
-0.2263 The other major alternative, OpenMP is just a wrapper you put around blocks of your code.
-0.0516 Could you reupload the post and tag with [OC] and leave a comment with the link to the data?
0.0 However, your submission was removed for the following reasons:
0.0 Out of curiosity what was the transcription tool called?
0.0 Could you link to it?
0.0 I'm finishing my MSc in Data Science and it's basically just Python and Scala for the direction of distributed computing (i.e.
0.0 [Infographic vs.
0.0 I wrote a small [tutorial ] on it.