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0.9412 This was another fantastic challenge - kudos to /u/babeford for such a great theme! I have a little crit for each of you: *Edit: Inspired by Ms.
0.94 I am so pleased with these results! Fantastic job, Logan and Letha! Congratulations to our well-deserving winners, Lila and Bethany!
0.9337 You're weird in the best way possible, [and I love it.] ___ **Logan Aura** - It's clear to see the joy performing gives you.
0.9318 <3 Also, this goes without saying, but feel free to share and encourage others to submit videos too!
0.9133 Some of your movements got a touch repetitive, but the little touches like the sculpting were super cute.
0.9075 This was a hell of a season, and I'm so glad to have shared it with people whom I love. A special shout-out to dOr for proving that you don't need a wig to win.
0.9018 Hope you feel better, Marcella! Congratulations, Top 5!
0.8797 It was ethereal and lovely and just so perfectly you.
0.8748 Make sure you [VOTE]!* ___ **Letha Lynn Jecktion** - Your song choice was perfect for you, and I thought you made excellent use of the frame.
0.8716 You've come a long way and it's great to see all the improvements you've made! ___ **Mihunhorror** - You're extremely creative and I never know what to expect from you video-wise.
0.8622 I wish you continued success on TDR and hope we can poach you for an audition for Season 5!

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-0.7501 However, there is absolutely no reason to be this purposelessly petty and disrespectful to members of *your own goddamn community.*
-0.714 Sean's intro is my favorite so far, but he's also dead to me.
-0.6219 A few things for you to ponder...Your song choice confused me and I'm not sure how well it met the criteria for the theme.
-0.5719 I hate you.
-0.5423 I would've been shocked if no one had chosen Evanescence.
-0.5267 Disgusting is the exact word for it.
-0.4767 Part of the fun of Tinychat is getting on cam, and I'd hate to lose that aspect, personally.
-0.4019 [SP]: Stacey and Christine refusing to refer to "Coach" as anything other than Benjamin.
-0.34 Also, your overlay was unfortunately off. ___ /u/Mihunhorror - I.
-0.34 The STUNTERY of turning out the lights and using the glowsticks, too...a total gag.
-0.34 I just want to call out the nonsense publicly.
-0.3299 At times, I was a little distracted by the left character messing with her clothes and losing focus, but these were minor issues.