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0.9412 This was another fantastic challenge - kudos to /u/babeford for such a great theme! I have a little crit for each of you: *Edit: Inspired by Ms.
0.9337 You're weird in the best way possible, [and I love it.] ___ **Logan Aura** - It's clear to see the joy performing gives you.
0.9318 <3 Also, this goes without saying, but feel free to share and encourage others to submit videos too!
0.9231 I love that your "I'm messy" is most people's "I'm so proud of this video." You literally have nothing to apologize for; your video was fun and fantastic.
0.9224 Like others have said, we're inclusive as all get-out, so please feel free to play along if you'd like!
0.9133 Some of your movements got a touch repetitive, but the little touches like the sculpting were super cute.
0.9075 This was a hell of a season, and I'm so glad to have shared it with people whom I love. A special shout-out to dOr for proving that you don't need a wig to win.
0.9018 Hope you feel better, Marcella! Congratulations, Top 5!
0.8934 You commit better than anyone and this was truly excellent.
0.8797 It was ethereal and lovely and just so perfectly you.
0.8748 Make sure you [VOTE]!* ___ **Letha Lynn Jecktion** - Your song choice was perfect for you, and I thought you made excellent use of the frame.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7501 However, there is absolutely no reason to be this purposelessly petty and disrespectful to members of *your own goddamn community.*
-0.6219 A few things for you to ponder...Your song choice confused me and I'm not sure how well it met the criteria for the theme.
-0.5994 That felt especially appropriate for Butt Week. Letha, you disgust me.
-0.5719 I hate you.
-0.5267 Disgusting is the exact word for it.
-0.4019 [SP]: Stacey and Christine refusing to refer to "Coach" as anything other than Benjamin.
-0.34 The STUNTERY of turning out the lights and using the glowsticks, too...a total gag.
-0.34 I just want to call out the nonsense publicly.
-0.3299 At times, I was a little distracted by the left character messing with her clothes and losing focus, but these were minor issues.
-0.3182 I know I am not the only one who had this happen during our season, and I know that it has bothered many of us.
-0.296 Finally, you fidgeted with your costume a lot and it was distracting.
-0.296 Eventually the discomfort will ease. * Lipsyncing runs and vocal tricks is hard.