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0.9412 This was another fantastic challenge - kudos to /u/babeford for such a great theme! I have a little crit for each of you: *Edit: Inspired by Ms.
0.94 I am so pleased with these results! Fantastic job, Logan and Letha! Congratulations to our well-deserving winners, Lila and Bethany!
0.936 Further congratulations to David for winning UEH's top vote and immunity this week. This cast is truly excellent and it's hard to say goodbye to anyone.
0.9337 You're weird in the best way possible, [and I love it.] ___ **Logan Aura** - It's clear to see the joy performing gives you.
0.9321 Sally and David, I loved both of your videos, and I hope the votes next week are kinder to you both. Sean, I am so incredibly proud of you!
0.9317 As Blake said, execution was something that lacked slightly for some. Thank you so much for the kind words; we love doing this and are glad that people are responding well to the show.
0.9282 I really enjoy Fun Week, since it really helps everyone get to know the people behind the videos. **Jordan** - You're hilarious and the fake Q&A was a great way to showcase that.
0.9272 Your effects were a bit overwhelming at times, but your ability to be a storyteller was showcased wonderfully. **Jordan** - You are incredibly creative.
0.9231 First and foremost, congratulations to our deserving winner and the amazing top three.
0.9209 The decision to do not one, but two winners this week, was ambitious and creative.
0.9201 Jokes aside, you had a super cute concept, and the best integration of props.

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-0.8968 Erica seemed really sad and longing for her partner, while Adrena came off sad, verging on anger.
-0.7964 **PETTY is my favorite, and I guess I'd be AWFUL** 3 Drag Queens you would fuck marry kill?
-0.7845 **Baby Barrister** (slight cheating because that was the first street I lived on and it sounds legit What dat dick do?
-0.7351 I beyond disappointed that you won't be continuing in the competition, but I am excited for you to get your revenge when you drop your off-season theme.
-0.714 Sean's intro is my favorite so far, but he's also dead to me.
-0.7003 All four of the bottom lipsyncers bring something unique and different to the competition, and it's a shame to lose any of you.
-0.6705 Shady, you killed it .
-0.6705 **Skarlett killed "Rubber Doll" and only went home because of the structure of the week** How many fingers can you accommodate?
-0.6486 **I Sync Dead People** What is one theme that should never be repeated again?
-0.6249 **Don't sin.** In three words, describe your worst hookup/sexual experience.
-0.6219 A few things for you to ponder...Your song choice confused me and I'm not sure how well it met the criteria for the theme.
-0.5859 Versatility, bitch.