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0.9412 This was another fantastic challenge - kudos to /u/babeford for such a great theme! I have a little crit for each of you: *Edit: Inspired by Ms.
0.94 I am so pleased with these results! Fantastic job, Logan and Letha! Congratulations to our well-deserving winners, Lila and Bethany!
0.936 Further congratulations to David for winning UEH's top vote and immunity this week. This cast is truly excellent and it's hard to say goodbye to anyone.
0.9337 You're weird in the best way possible, [and I love it.] ___ **Logan Aura** - It's clear to see the joy performing gives you.
0.9318 <3 Also, this goes without saying, but feel free to share and encourage others to submit videos too!
0.9317 As Blake said, execution was something that lacked slightly for some. Thank you so much for the kind words; we love doing this and are glad that people are responding well to the show.
0.9231 First and foremost, congratulations to our deserving winner and the amazing top three.
0.9201 Jokes aside, you had a super cute concept, and the best integration of props.
0.9186 :) Also, if any alumni feel super confident about a particular area of lipsyncing or video production - conceptualizing, editing, overlaying, effects, emoting, being funny etc...
0.9133 Some of your movements got a touch repetitive, but the little touches like the sculpting were super cute.
0.9112 I think this was a super solid audition, and I think you'll come up with some really stellar stuff once you're faced with a more focused challenge. **WCPlays** - I really enjoyed your song choice.

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-0.714 Sean's intro is my favorite so far, but he's also dead to me.
-0.6219 A few things for you to ponder...Your song choice confused me and I'm not sure how well it met the criteria for the theme.
-0.5719 I hate you.
-0.5717 You made a really repetitive song not boring, and I love it.
-0.5423 Work on connecting directly to the camera; the lack of eye contact was distracting at times. **Sean** - You had a concept and a look that worked amazingly together.
-0.5423 I would've been shocked if no one had chosen Evanescence.
-0.5106 But name-calling and vague, incendiary comments do nothing but stoke the fire.
-0.5106 Both weeks there has been ONE video that I agonize over the choice of toot/boot, and yours was it this week.
-0.4767 Part of the fun of Tinychat is getting on cam, and I'd hate to lose that aspect, personally.
-0.4404 The only issues are technical things - when you wrote, sometimes you stopped lipsyncing , and some of your movements were repetitive.
-0.4019 I got "Boy Problems" by Carly Rae Jepsen
-0.4019 I'm gonna be posting reminders in the Discord.