/u/mslinius is kind of a dick.

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0.8221 There goes my wish of hoping this was Gopblackguy Lol!
0.7964 Look at the glorious afro <3
0.7269 Its relevant that is how cheeto lies about everything, his wealth, his experience, his supporters and ppl start joining because its popular.
0.7263 Cute video tho Lol!
0.7259 If you don't there's no need to mention it like your doing him a favor.
0.725 Wow your so petty Lol!
0.7184 OP needs to choose her friends better.
0.6908 Lol, Gop must be a lipstickalley browser, always has the funniest gossip posts.
0.69 You should see the picture thread, alot of them are actually stunning looking, even the mods Lol!
0.6369 You need to learn to love your history, particularly the African side.
0.6249 There's a reason all of the great black Americans have been in touch with Africa.

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-0.872 Is that the big story here instead of the racist rapist that walked off scot-free.
-0.8573 Ultimately it's normal with human beings, but more pronounced with us This is just regurgitating a racist stereotype of black people.
-0.8442 'Pretending' to be a racist is still racism.
-0.8197 But, but how else would he whine about a first world problem in Sweden while spamming this sub with communist manisfesto Lol!
-0.7717 It has become acceptable, for some reason, to be racist or make racist comments, and I dont really know why that is, she said.
-0.7684 Maybe there are some but the concept doesn't mean anything to me, your either against racism completely or you're not.
-0.7579 I hate how black people mock their own features.
-0.7579 This racist characterization is a product of ignorance about Africa.
-0.7227 It only shows where your allegiance lies each time you draw black people back with this useless caveat when they are discussing their overall experience.
-0.7003 Knowing walmart, they would have probably fired her for paying with her money if there was no pr for them.
-0.7003 Or before accusing Obama of being non-American, "the worst president ever", and all the names they came up for him and Michelle.
-0.6808 Why the hell are you crossing out Bruno Mars name?