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0.9466 I love that indies make such unusual and fun scents that match my unusual fashion sense, so I feel like wearing perfume is the final piece of my put-together outfit that helps me feel more confident.
0.9413 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love this so much.
0.9217 I love BPAL's various "herb" notes, and I love cedar and well-controlled vetiver, so this can only be a win in me.
0.9042 [It's gonna be hot today, so I'm a little less layered than normal.] I'm pretty pleased with the shapes here, but it's pretty safe territory for me.
0.8834 ;) But the shape and fit on you is wonderful and seems pretty versatile.
0.882 Yeah, this is what I wanted to know - there's a lot of cool things that you can do with altering Tshirts, but do you want to look like a festival kid or a punk or ...
0.8641 That sounds really interesting, and good! We got this blend from a Sioux friend of ours who lives here and in South Dakota, and he collected it from both of those areas.
0.8588 :) Well, the shapes are great!
0.8478 Wow, those are great looking sandals!
0.8439 Of course, ombre is the perfect method here, great suggestion!
0.8398 I might have to get your thoughts later on how to style this - it seems like a super cool option!

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-0.8628 And I'm afraid that I'm not very great about the self motivation&belief part, which is why I've been stressing for three weeks over shit that i should have been doing the whole year....
-0.7035 I'm sorry, moving is so stressful!
-0.6249 :( Everyone was alright in the end, after a big scare and a hefty vet bill.
-0.6115 Gibbon's Boarding School was especially a heartbreak. * **GLUTTONY:** Alkemia Farkas.
-0.5962 OMG I'm immensely jealous that you get to visit Bunny Island!!!
-0.5942 I was devastated because I didn't want to be the cause of something bad happening to the pups, but things just happen.
-0.5423 Allergies or something is kicking my ass and making me so sleepy.
-0.5411 Might have to steal the look!
-0.5267 But I feel like it's too *normal*, too close to the dreaded high school art teacher that I'm always trying to avoid.
-0.5267 * **LUST:** I'm a sucker for BPAL's labels, especially the Salon series, the Pickman Gallery, the "Art of..." series.
-0.5216 I realized that I keep wearing the same outfits, so I'm trying to push myself to wear my more seasonal clothes since they don't get love all year round. [Jumpsuit, ft.
-0.5093 I'm jealous!