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0.9208 Which is funny, because I love the idea of strong, atmospheric forest scents that they do so well.
0.9121 And if we're honest, it really doesn't bother me that much, it's just a cheap shot joke like making fun of Nickleback.
0.9078 Great fit on the new shorts! Thoughts on the experiments * I really love this leggings+shorts thing.
0.8832 I would like to find pants that work with sneakers in this way, great inspiration!
0.8779 I want to be her friend and sit in on their band practices to listen to them create this amazing sound.
0.8743 I love all these layers here!! Side note, I don't know if I've seen your forearm tattoos, but they look gorgeous!
0.868 All of the posters are really wonderful, I wish I had as much talent as our main poster artist.
0.8622 I love this outfit, those shorts with the tights are great!
0.8622 I love the addition of the softer librarian aspects with this album - I think it adds a great dimension to the style!
0.8478 Yay, glad you like it!
0.8478 Oh wow, what a great find!

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-0.7964 I'm dying for summer weather, but I also wore my strappy sandals for the first time in months and my feet were killing me afterward. Check out layering with linen and light cotton.
-0.765 But the majority of the ones I've tried fail miserably on me.
-0.6956 I've got my fingers crossed for the new Guardian scent, but it could also fail. ###tl;dr Try lots of things on Sunday Swaps.
-0.6562 Disappointing much-anticipated video games suck!!!!!!!!
-0.5963 I'm so jealous of your summer!!
-0.5927 They seem narrow to me, but it's not something that either of us have to worry about.
-0.5859 It's goddamn cold again today, after a few teasers of 80F weather...
-0.5533 Other than that, you'll have to wait until a few more people weigh in - I'm really not great with online shopping and identifying specific brands within those shops.
-0.5216 But at the same time, I don't love my sneakers since they're too sporty.
-0.4939 This is a combination of a henna blend layered with indigo, and it took a little while to get to the darkest dark tones that I wanted.
-0.4717 But I'm not sure that I don't like them together.
-0.4588 Sorry for the trouble.