/u/mrsrevshamwow is very positive!

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0.9462 I would love to save your outfit collection here for inspiration, if that's cool. But it's OK, because you said you have that jacket, so you can recreate the outfit!
0.9397 Sorry for the slow reply, your comment got caught by the Pinterest filter, but I hope that you're enjoying your success after your presentation!
0.9324 It's such a great detail to bring visual interest in a super clean way!
0.9274 I love love love the color of your hair.
0.9183 :) You've got great lighting in your bedroom, nice pic! And I really like that long sweater.
0.9001 [My description of today's outfit is "I'm awake, what more do you want?"] But it's pretty awesome that I can throw on a thing and be decently happy with the outcome.
0.891 Luckily they smell great on my husband, so I still get to enjoy them.
0.8902 Love love that skirt with the tights and long shirt!!!!!
0.8844 I saw these last night when I was trying to beat my data into submission, so I couldn't comment, but I'm loving the idea of these wigs. I'm really interested in this lace front hairline.
0.8805 I agree, it was a great turn out and a really fun march.
0.8777 I think we all go through phases with colors, and I think it will be really nice to see a bright aesthetic, especially if you're mixing it with your great black/grey pieces.

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-0.8436 [**aw man, pasted the wrong outfit link!**] I had a whole modern Victorian evil hunter thing going on!
-0.6867 Breaking the loop is so hard to do, and you kicked its ass!
-0.6705 I'm sorry, I know this is a difficult problem to deal with.
-0.6597 You are by no means a spammer in my eyes, because you're part of the community and we just happen to be watching your business grow.
-0.6535 WTH AUTOMOD?!?!
-0.6124 Sorry, I didn't mean shorthand in a brief, or hasty, or negative way at all.
-0.5994 I have no problem with the occasional mention that things you made are for sale being here in this thread.
-0.5994 From what I could see in the photo, it looks like you could rock a killer side cut.
-0.5919 I'm glad you posted again, I thought I had followed you last time but I didn't. I love your work!
-0.5759 Why oh why don't they love me??
-0.5562 Oh my god this week is killing me!