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0.9253 I understand the need to keep possessions at a minimum, but it seems like trying to find them a loving home among friends/family would be good.
0.916 I know it's Saturday and everyone is off doing other things, but I'm having a fun summer day and have a bunch of stuff to share! Today is the peach festival (btw, Texans...
0.9089 Alright, I'm slow, but here's a pic of [my outfit that I really like today.] I took a gamble on committing to sandals, and luckily it's been warm enough so far.
0.906 :) Copenhagen and Vancouver address the dream cities right now, it's good to know that there is great thrift shopping!
0.8979 :) Good luck with the unpacking, I'm glad that you're finally getting to the point where you can unpack things.
0.8871 Well I don't know if I would describe this as fancy but it is definitely perfect for my wardrobe!
0.8834 I think the smaller pieces are throwing me off as well, but the husband said he liked the larger pieces on top better.
0.8775 I love the fit of this button-down, really nice!
0.8655 ;) But great inspiration!
0.8651 Nah, we love a good cross-post, and you're one of our regulars so we appreciate it.
0.8553 But really, the place is gorgeous, and I can throw a rock from my balcony and hit a really awesome pub/bookstore/coffee shop.

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-0.7579 Day one of the commute, and I missed my 3:18pm bus because I was at the wrong stop and the next bus doesn't come until 5:30.
-0.7574 :( You need a sick day!
-0.7181 I know you and I both wear all black and gray, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate a good wall color.
-0.6597 Everyone is killing it today with their grandparents clothes.
-0.6295 I don't care, because I need washable slippers to deal with these hard floors, don't like the dust on my feet.
-0.6187 Sorry I'm not saying yes or no either way!
-0.6124 It seems like the biggest tragedies always happen when you have way too much other shit on your plate.
-0.5945 I've seen some of his work, I think especially the Star Wars profiles.
-0.5889 A bunch of shit that I didn't want to buy.
-0.5551 Often the time gap can tell me whether or not I really love something or am just getting caught up in the moment.
-0.5423 Hahah, I won't fall prey to your bad influence.
-0.5269 Oh, not OP, but thanks for the tip!