/u/mraskhole is very positive!

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0.8979 Lol easy food and predators at bay, not so dumb are they lol
0.8834 well then i will always be happy to help out lol
0.8126 True but they do like flashy things that others tell them to like.
0.8074 you look like a lot of fun cutie
0.7845 i would love to help out
0.7845 Lol this is great.
0.7264 Looks like a very fun game
0.7096 Yep that's perfect for my office
0.7003 She looks like fun
0.6956 You know it took a lot longer than I expected for something like this lol
0.6697 I'd so love to

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7981 I'm not sure where but damn people are crazy out there anymore.
-0.6808 Meth is a hell of a drug..
-0.6681 I don't like either parties in today's world both are not for the people like they claim.
-0.6113 And people think that porno movie names are so fake
-0.4767 Gotta keep the poor pumped with drugs...
-0.4767 I'm sad I'm not there
-0.4767 that makes this story even worse, who was watching the kid?
-0.4404 The possible human bystanders :(
-0.4404 this fool be slippin
-0.3875 That hoe needs the money she don't care where.
-0.3818 Some people are just screaming to be on Jerry Springer or Morty
-0.3736 No shower??