/u/mraskhole is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8834 well then i will always be happy to help out lol
0.8074 Oh gladly, and I'd help leave something to rub into that sexy body
0.8074 you look like a lot of fun cutie
0.7845 i would love to help out
0.7845 Lol this is great.
0.743 well id like to help out
0.7351 the view i see is wonderful, id like to be your camera man
0.7264 Looks like a very fun game
0.7003 I would gladly mark that sexy view.
0.7003 She looks like a fun time
0.7003 Looks like fun is about to start

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 damn i wanna grab that nice ass too
-0.5175 that wont be a problem, your hot as hell girl.
-0.4767 that makes this story even worse, who was watching the kid?
-0.4767 Im so working for the wrong place...
-0.4019 I wanna grab that fine ass
-0.358 why not mix a little fun at work?
-0.296 Bit there's no cig in mom's hands....
-0.296 I see no issues there
-0.2263 Damn fine view
-0.1447 IDK what we are buying, but Id be following you into any store you walk to
0.0 Do you need a cameraman?
0.0 I can see why