/u/mraskhole is slightly positive.

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0.8979 Lol easy food and predators at bay, not so dumb are they lol
0.8641 Ah yes, those who have walked it know too well, we will try to tell younger generation not but, come on we all help them go for it anyways lol
0.7717 Love to have some time with her like that
0.7003 She looks like fun
0.6908 I'd like to be on your wifes friend list
0.6901 Sounds like a very good time
0.6697 I'd so love to
0.6369 Id love to see that back view of that sight.
0.6369 love to see more of these
0.624 Very lovely
0.6159 Not all deaths are at pools as an activity, most flee and find water to play in and don't realize the dangers of rivers, lakes and unsupervised pools.

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-0.9565 Shit fuck dumb ass bitch, doesn't even take 2 minutes to read and put the kid into a seat correctly so he doesn't bounce around...
-0.7981 I'm not sure where but damn people are crazy out there anymore.
-0.7227 but I'd also hate to have to ask him to explain this.
-0.6808 Meth is a hell of a drug..
-0.6681 I don't like either parties in today's world both are not for the people like they claim.
-0.6486 It's Africa, the media seems to avoid anything about the place, which is sad.
-0.6113 And people think that porno movie names are so fake
-0.5574 Damn if the last three sucked, is he trying to create a black hole of suckage from these movies..
-0.5574 Wish it was that way still, but due to mob mentally here in the states you are guilty until proven innocent anymore :(
-0.552 So will some dick after seeing that pic.
-0.5106 Guess they are sick of the slip jokes....
-0.4767 I must shop at the wrong walmart....