/u/mr_susan15 is very positive!

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0.9422 haha thanks very good to hear, i like being responsible for that :)
0.9247 I actually haven't experienced paralysis but I often have dreams involving scenes and characters like this, luckily!
0.9199 Thanks a lot bud! Lucky shot really I was there at the perfect time, sun pretty low in the sky, a dream!
0.8986 Thanks buddy, feel free, just credit my name and use away :) I do have super hi-res versions of everything available but would involve a little buisness haha
0.884 Looking down on my phone rather then straight at a laptop did it :D great job!
0.8718 This is awesome and inspiring, determination is what counts!
0.8398 Peace and love !
0.8384 Really appreciate the help :)
0.836 Feel free to use images from my site, all i ask is you credit me 'james blackledge', a link to my site would be sweet also.
0.8271 Brilliant, god bless the laws of random.
0.8221 Thanks dude, I listened and I like, it's good man!

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-0.8176 Bloody hell.
-0.7871 I've seen worse then some holes in my time but sorry if you reacted badly!
-0.765 It's a mirror effect on a damaged negative buddy quite lucky...
-0.7579 I'm after a substance that would be able to be controlled, ie dripped with a pipette, but would have a "destructive effect" on the film, make it bubble and melt.
-0.7432 I cannot recommend Las Fallas enough, closest thing I've experienced to a war zone!
-0.6114 Applied heat to a colour negative!
-0.5719 Sleep paralysis sounds terrifying
-0.5423 Again, my bad.
-0.4497 The photo-sensitive emulsion is gelatin based I believe but these layers are thin and should distort according to how the base does....
-0.4404 I'd say have a look online for custom user-made patches, as many of the presets suck.
-0.4199 No worries pal, thank you!
-0.3612 Righto, sorry for the confusion.