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0.9366 Drew this for a reddit comment but it was deleted so here you go lol. Hope you all are well my friends.
0.9313 Groups like Drug Arm and Family Drug Support would be worth looking into and would have some good information on what you can do to help your friend.
0.9304 I don't write anymore but just wanted to say this sounds like a really cool idea, I hope your research goes well!
0.9274 The web is so toxic sometimes but these memes and the people here are beautifully fresh and kind.
0.9231 If you like happy cute pics, it's a great sub .
0.923 This is one of a few accomplishments that I feel like I can be really proud of. New cute mini gift book, ready to start shipping these on Monday and Tuesday next week.
0.9169 Good luck mate, I hope they go well :)
0.9062 giraffe'd for the mods http://i.imgur.com/DoTp0Yl.jpg Thank you guys, truly, for making this one of the best and warmest places on reddit.
0.9001 Thank you, very much, for your lovely words and support :)
0.8875 This is so great, in our dreary political and social atmosphere things like this are so exciting.
0.8779 Hope you're all well and pulling your friends up hills on wagons :)

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-0.8988 Horribly cruel for the rest of us though, I'm so tired of living here in a 'democracy' that represents almost none of us.
-0.778 Also the worst wildlife you will likely encounter will be turkeys that you can't legally touch, and the crazy birds that live next to the lake.
-0.7709 I don't know what else to do, but I contacted my MP with my opinion on this horrible system and urge others to do the same (even though it will likely change nothing.
-0.5994 So we wait for them to die off.
-0.5994 This guy is not going to be the only one to die because of this.
-0.5719 A lot of others my age seem to hate politics and just donkey vote.
-0.5647 I'm hating the Palaszczuk Labor government so much for this but I can't imagine that if we vote in the LNP they will suddenly cancel plans for the mine.
-0.5267 The three things to focus on to stop the mine 1) build the movement 2) shift the politics 3) stop the money.
-0.4817 There is almost no doubt in my mind.
-0.4767 Highlights from the list of terrible questions: * Ms PLIBERSEK: My question is to the Prime Minister.
-0.4215 Out of the four big banks here, NAB has ruled it out, Commbank and ANZ are quietly distancing themselves, but Westpac has continually refused to say they won't invest in it.
-0.4215 Renewables are undeniably what we are all moving towards and are increasingly cost competitive with fossil fuels, so investing in coal is a becoming a bad economic strategy.