/u/moshpitmurphy is very positive!

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57Overall Score
63Positive Score
2Negative Score
34Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.923 Wow nice sexy cute girl!
0.9167 wow perfect Jillian!Her body looks great.Her boobs amazing!
0.9134 Wow lovely girls all boobs Are Amazing!
0.886 Wow lovely girl and vwry nice boobs.
0.8832 wow sexy nice milf!
0.8832 wow sexy nice girl!
0.8597 WOW Sexy Lana!Amazing body!
0.8436 wow perfect looking girl!amazing boobs!
0.8398 wow what a beautiful butt!
0.8356 wow lovely girl!
0.8356 wow look her noobs are amazing!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5964 ups I wear nothing! awesome girl!
-0.0258 New top or new tits?
0.0 nicesexymilf!perfectboobs!
0.0 Horny little girl.
0.0 Who is she?
0.0 Real sexbomb !
0.0 becarefull, by watching her!you can get hypnotise!
0.0 pale and ginger!
0.0 miep, miep !!!
0.0 ups I am naked!
0.1779 funny girl to show no pants at the IKEA
0.2003 Wow what a nice view, but I see no waterfall!