/u/moshpitmurphy is very positive!

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62Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 wow nice body and lovely boobs
0.8687 wonderful nice cute girl!
0.8313 wow what a wonderful girl !
0.8271 gorgeous perfect girl
0.8264 wonderful and sexy ginger!please her name or more pics!
0.8012 lovely body and very nice boobs !
0.7955 very nice girl, with perfect boobs!
0.7574 Sexy nice ginger!
0.7424 Redhead pale skin and wonderful boobs.Perfect, please more!
0.7351 nice and sexy
0.7088 I don't know, but she is sexy!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
0.0 for me, not more than 6!
0.0 Perfect,thank you so much!
0.0 Curly Wurly.Sexy
0.0 we wait for monday!
0.0 all together!
0.0 Malena Morgan
0.1511 Let me be your seatbelt, pls!
0.2263 Nice small tits.
0.3612 these boobs looks like plastic.
0.3802 please her name!
0.4199 Thank you playboy!
0.4199 Thank you Dakota!