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0.9402 Aside from that they are very good headphones, my fiio e10k drives them pretty well and are super comfortable.
0.8402 Factoring in price I would pick the K712s, they are excellent headphones and are pretty well suited to most types of music.
0.8126 pretty much the best trailer I have seen, 10/10 work
0.8047 code academy has heaps of super useful tutorials, it does focus on web based languages but could be a good way to learn basics of program flow and a general programming methodology
0.7964 I am Australian, and I love a good Abbott quote
0.7906 HD800 is reserved purely for music, I use the k712s for gaming, I feel like their sound stage suits it better and the increased low end helps add a bit of oomph to explosions etc.
0.7741 They are pretty similar in their sound reproduction with the k712s having a bit more in the low end to help high energy genres maintain their energy.
0.7425 Any help is greatly appreciated. edit: can't audition cans before I buy them
0.7096 The highs on the HD800 is what got me, that next level of clarity and detail is pretty spectacular.
0.7096 Made it my computer background, keep up the good work mate :)
0.6705 nice clean build.

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-0.6947 Bass extends rather low but does not have great quantity.
-0.6429 when games don't support the aspect ratio at all is kind of annoying.
-0.4767 Disappointed I didn't go see it when it was first on.
-0.4019 maybe she plays a corpse?
-0.1207 I think they where like 200 AUD each, but not certain.
0.0 did you have a stroke typing this?
0.0 r/iamverysmart
0.0 maybe they don't make 120k a year or want/need the latest car.
0.0 Obama isn't even that orange though
0.0 Can confirm, have all three.
0.0 Vortex pure pro, Lamy 2K F, hd800 - Valhalla 2
0.0 Was considering these but got the sand CW instead.