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0.9183 Simple, elegant, and delicious! Btw, I wanted to share that we hosted a gettogetther a few weeks ago and I totally used your charcuterie board picture as the inspiration for mine!
0.8393 I'm sure there are a bunch of folks, including myself, that would be more than happy to help someone through their first build.
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8026 <3 edits - added a few more tips :D
0.802 You have a nice way with words and seem like a good person.
0.7959 Thank you thank you for sharing the recipes!
0.7959 OMG, this is totally off topic, but I love your username!
0.7783 but love the flavor and texture of the bark from not-crutching.
0.7351 We've found that HH style gatherings also allow opportunities for folks to mingle as opposed to dinner parties where guests tend to spend most of their time conversing with those seated nearby.
0.7345 Good luck!
0.7184 I've done a few briskets and am always torn because I love the tenderness that crutching gives...

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-0.4939 remember, this stuff is poison, and you want to minimize the exposure to you and your family.
-0.4019 Everyone's first PC build ends up having some problem or other.
-0.0754 So frustrating when you see a great submission and then have no idea what went into the dish.
0.0 Former HS math teacher here.
0.0 My spouse and I are both in education and we usually do similar gatherings, especially at the beginning of the year, so that everyone can get to know each other.
0.0 I don't usually post outside of my hobby subreddits...
0.0 but I wanted to say, "You're doing great!" As a first year teacher, your job is to survive.
0.0 leaving very little time to actually plan and get things done.
0.0 Developing your own style and materials takes time - again, your job is to make it through your first year.
0.0 Also wine, lots of wine.
0.0 Five years from now, you'll look back and laugh...
0.0 and buy more wine.