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0.9183 Simple, elegant, and delicious! Btw, I wanted to share that we hosted a gettogetther a few weeks ago and I totally used your charcuterie board picture as the inspiration for mine!
0.8393 I'm sure there are a bunch of folks, including myself, that would be more than happy to help someone through their first build.
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8026 <3 edits - added a few more tips :D
0.802 You have a nice way with words and seem like a good person.
0.7959 Thank you thank you for sharing the recipes!
0.7959 OMG, this is totally off topic, but I love your username!
0.7893 Please forgive any harsh language, if you'd like me to remove the post I'd be more than happy to delete it.
0.7817 If this is not the case, you need to positively explain your professional experience so folks don't get the wrong impression.
0.7783 but love the flavor and texture of the bark from not-crutching.
0.7712 I wish you success in your teaching career and will root for you to land your first teaching job!

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-0.6369 If I find that ~75% of students are missing a certain type of problem, I need to identify why they are making the mistake and review the concept with the entire class.
-0.6249 they messed up adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing, etc), a formula/properties error (e.g.
-0.6115 What is the most difficult aspect of discipline for you? Try to answer without looking up the "correct answers" and spending no more than 3 minutes on each question.
-0.4939 remember, this stuff is poison, and you want to minimize the exposure to you and your family.
-0.4019 In this specific case, what are their thoughts on the current arguments regarding the minimum grade change?
-0.4019 * If the answer is incorrect, is it a calculation error (e.g.
-0.4019 Everyone's first PC build ends up having some problem or other.
-0.34 If the student doesn't have the necessary skills to understand/fix their mistake, then it's my job to teach them those skills.
-0.296 These techniques were very affective in that they gave students cold-hard data to see where they are, what they should be doing. You missed the point of this question.
-0.296 I have no idea what you're talking about.
-0.296 If you are an average random job seeker, no. Our teacher vacancy positions are offered first to internal candidates, i.e.
-0.25 Overall, your responses to the above questions include educational buzzwords that sound good, but lack any substance.