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0.9518 :D Wow I might have to turn this into a series I think I'm glad you enjoyed it dear!
0.9487 That was beautiful and pleasant to hear <33 I really enjoyed it thank you so much for sharing <33
0.9485 Wow wow wow I fall in love with your voice even more.
0.9429 Welcome to GWA :D You have a beautiful voice :D
0.9313 *Sigh**Whimper* This is super relaxing gentle and super hot.
0.9291 Thank you for sharing, The intro to the summer nights song reeeaaally similar to "What makes you beautiful" by One Direction XD not exactly the same though
0.9217 Thank you for sharing I thoroughly enjoyed :D
0.9139 :DD And the warrior is a funny comic relief, when he said his size, I know he's gonna get roasted XD lolz and that ending :'3 Poor warrior!!
0.9107 I really enjoy you telling the story, it was entirely convincing and the choking sound you make is so good :D
0.9008 OMG I missed it, happy birthday dear :D My something good: Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the jewelry store to bought our wedding ring.
0.8893 Thank you dear, I feel welcomed already :D

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-0.743 At 16 minutes you said it's only get worse and I fear for my panties :x I gotta relisten tonight
-0.6696 It's gotten so bad that around 7 minutes mark I looked at my phone and see that I only third way in.
-0.5684 No you're not dear!
-0.4926 I actually have an idea about that that I've put on hold because I'm too lazy to write a script (writing a script is hard you know!
-0.3818 But later on I release my previous audio dump of audios that I did as /u/suzy88.
-0.296 Q, the "Calm Down" audio's link is broken :o
-0.2808 Is there any bailey's :O
-0.1779 Shyly peeking in...
-0.1531 Your coaxing breathless moans is so toe curling, Quiet.
-0.1027 you forgot F4M :o
0.0 [I did it :x]
0.0 Of course I could just, not speak the male lines.