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0.9687 d'aww thank you dear ;.; honestly when I rush writing as I usually do, it looks like chicken scratch XD but thank you dearie xoxo
0.9682 Thank you dearie, when I think of her it's a bittersweet feeling that makes me wanna cry, but I know she's happy thank you for the hugs xoxo
0.9628 xoxo Thank you for your effort dear much appreciated I'm touched much hugs and love looove this to pieces
0.9614 It's the best pen for small handwriting imo :D For me I love Standard Tecno, it's a brand they sell here, it has very dark ink that's thick and easy to read soooo pretty much the opposite ;.;?
0.9528 t'was messy :'3 but thank you sweetie xoxo <3
0.952 I can easily imagining it, you are LOUD my dear, but that's a part of why you are soooo irresistible, you just scream sexy ;D I love this!
0.9508 Thank you so much, erokitten did a great job with this :D I'n glad you like it
0.9496 xoxo you deserved every praised you get dear, good job :D
0.9468 Thank you dear xoxo Really appreciate it :D
0.9463 It's my favorite pen :D hehe I'm glad we like the same pens xD
0.9442 I just saw you posted, time to listen I know it's going to be good dear xoxo oh and you can call me suzy dear xoxo

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-0.5267 Saved and this is why I feel soo frustrated that I broke my headphones :(((
-0.4548 Also, sometimes they look kinda fake I mean like, fake over the top moaning, I understand.
-0.4404 And especially when you tell me how I'm such a dirty girl
-0.4019 Aaaa legendary Pure Wand I'm sooo jealous ;.; I want one sooo badddd
-0.34 aaa that must've bother you?
-0.2023 For me, I already know what a dick and pussy looks like so I just use my imagination.
-0.1531 I watched them both, I get what you mean by western being fake, I think you mean that some of them did breast enlargement surgery, and or having plastic surgery on their face like lip job.
-0.1027 I have edited FF4M audios before and it was a hard work.
-0.0258 it was XDD I feel weak afterwards an sleep lol
-0.0173 :'3 Idk I have a lot on my plate right now, I will consider it when I exhaust my list of audio ideas ;D
0.0 Someday you will :DDD
0.0 waaa you squirt too?