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0.9852 Thank you that was a nice compliment I'm glad you like it dear xD always happy to please ;3 Thanks for listening and commenting ne :D
0.9764 I love creative and sexy works like this :D great writing dear
0.972 I giggled when you say Snake for mobile games Mako, aaahhh good times indeed :D to think that we used to be satisfied with such simple joy in life :3 I'm feeling nostalgic, good memories!
0.9592 XD Thank you for your kind compliment and please do rest my and everyone's audios will still be there when you get back :3
0.959 I love the idea of this although I can't be of any help but as a bystander I'm looking forward to what comes out of it :) This is such a good idea and I just love your writing.
0.9554 Thank you :D Yes the script is great I love it.
0.9496 Edit: That was super relaxing and hot, I love how your dirty talk is always on point Belle :3 Your words sparks imagination :D
0.948 Ahh thank you I'm flattered <3 I'm glad you like it :D
0.9371 :DD I'm proud of this one xD Well I really hope repeatedly hitting my head to the headboard will while fucking myself will make someone enjoy this
0.9349 Ah please take it easy on yourself ;.; I'm glad you like it dear, I hope the cuckold here is not too mean?
0.9312 Thanks for giving this a listen Avalon xD Glad you like it!

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-0.6931 Hmmm I guess I will pick a random sex act which I don't like XD?
-0.5678 This is so completely unfair.
-0.5423 oh the possibility, the kinky version maybe involved exhibitionism as in there are people watching you guys fuck as a part of eugenic experiment?
-0.4588 There are some audios with forced impregnation, there are usually under [yandere] tag, female and male.
-0.4019 Damn girl this is sooo effing hot
-0.296 there's no way to edit title in reddit :'3
-0.1027 I didn't realize I sound hispanic :o
-0.1027 I did said it was dirty :'3 did you like it though?
-0.0516 Woww that was awesome :DD need to put in killer drum and vocal
0.0 delete and repost...
0.0 [F] or [F4M] will do.
0.0 if you could make your own personal perfume/cologne/fragrance, what would the main aromas be?