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0.9777 For now, saved :D Thank you dear for pointing me to this script <3 Tury, thank you for sharing this wonderful script ;D
0.9677 I didn't realize :x I'm glad you like it though Thank you so much dear, I'm glad you can enjoy this one too ;DD I feel better that you now can choose to listen to the better audio quality one.
0.9597 Thank you dear :D Wow I'm glad you enjoyed it.
0.9513 Wow :O I'm glad this inspired you to write dear I'm kinda super flattered right now ah you
0.9486 Thank you so much <3 I'm glad your enjoying it XD
0.9456 Sooo hot XD I love the story too ;D Excellent work lusty!
0.9416 :D I thoroughly enjoyed it, your southern accent add a nice touch to the audio, good job thank you for filling my script <33
0.9332 :o Anyway, I love this, this is very romantic *sigh* Thank you for a good read dear
0.9278 Maybe buy some cat toy like toy wand to play with the kitty instead XD they'll love you for that
0.9265 hahahaha XDDD You know better than my mom dear XD Oh God I'm sooo naughty :p
0.9201 I mean every words sweetheart All the best wishes for you to start your GWA journey :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8001 It's been bugging me a long time since like I said, another one told me they like that audio too but I kinda feel bad because of the bad quality.
-0.7184 :( the censorship is even worse there
-0.5994 Tinkles I'll come back with knowledge or die trying
-0.5766 Everyone looking at me weirdly O.O "What?" I said.
-0.4926 And those whimpers, sounds and dirty talk!
-0.2023 I only ever met an Indonesian here o.o just one.
-0.0572 That's two person that I don't want to let down
-0.0516 I love it when you got all mad and dominating Hank
0.0 /u/throwawayyourlust calling lusty~
0.0 Same with Indonesian.
0.0 Audio porn is unheard of here, I just stumbled upon GWA randomly by myself.
0.0 Omg is there such thing?