/u/mistface is very positive!

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0.9442 True, but at least it's still pretty cringe-worthy and gave me a laugh, haha.
0.9326 I know someone who's very, very into those types of games, but they have outstanding interior design and landscaping skills so they love animal crossing for those reasons!
0.9129 Thank you as well for being so darling~ Best of luck getting the rest of your visits and wishlist items!!
0.8896 And I'm glad that works out better for you~ It's so much more fun even it's a bit more relaxing, rather than something that stresses you out!
0.8748 Good luck with that zombie/werewolf life, and on a side note, you have lovely fingernails!
0.8652 I hope you have a wonderful weekend cutie pie!!
0.8632 I am so in love with your comic and followed it for quite some time before your hiatus, but I'm so glad to see you've been able to post again!!
0.8553 thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful week!
0.8553 You did such a lovely job on the designs, thank you for sharing them with everyone!
0.8436 I really recommend it, especially if you have original content you'd like to share!
0.829 It's a fun community~ I'm pretty sure I follow your VHS blog on my old main, but my AC tumblr is the only active blog I've been using lately!

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-0.7494 Sorry about any confusion or disappointment!!
-0.5151 Ahh, I'm so sorry, I was just thinking about mentioning that you may have to TT, but it's that not something you'd like to do, I completely understand!
-0.5093 5/5 Stopped by their town to drop off some of their wishlist items!
-0.4574 Not a problem!
-0.4019 Sorry, mine is just currently a huge mess with no space ;;;
-0.4003 Unfortunately, your town wasn't showing up so I went to check your fc and we haven't added each other yet!
-0.4003 Unfortunately, doing this actually changes them into the gym tee!
-0.3595 You found one of Slenderman's hiding places!
-0.3578 5/5 Stopped by for some items on their wishlist!!
-0.34 Unfortunately, the user deleted their account so the post is now gone?
-0.3274 They stopped by to pick up an item for no charge, but brought a large payment regardless!
-0.296 It makes no sence...