/u/missglitchy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8728 XD Great read once again!
0.8516 :* Glad you like my lips here!
0.8402 This was all of sexy, funny and yes, *bittersweet*.
0.8398 Wow that was super hot!
0.8169 :* Very sexy images!
0.8135 :D You so nice!
0.7543 It's always hard to say good bye to special people but the good thing is, it's never forever with them.
0.7506 Keep up the sexy stories :)
0.7269 I'll take that compliment :)
0.7184 That was a beautiful tribute from a man who had a poet's sensitivity as well.
0.7184 Aww how sweet :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5574 I died at Altar of Pussy.
-0.4404 That seemed dirty to me.
-0.4404 Pics for now :(
-0.3182 I lost my virginity in one.
-0.2714 Damn straight!
-0.1027 Too hard to quit
0.0 That quote was from Winnie the Pooh, actually.
0.0 You always find a way to go back to them eventually.
0.0 Not entirely.
0.0 We'll see
0.0 Those are up for now.
0.0 Just deleted the more risque pics