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0.9516 :) The fact that the love story is about sisters really gets me, and the lead is strong and independent and doesn't need a prince is pretty neat too!
0.9058 :) Thank you so much, happy you liked that.
0.8805 I consent to my voice being used in this sexy sexy audio!
0.8767 ;D And HUGE thank you to guys who post on GWA, we all appreciate you!
0.872 I wish you the best :)
0.8625 Send sexy pictures because they make you feel sexy and you want him to see how much you like it.
0.8588 <3 Thank you for listening, lovely!
0.8519 :) Thank you for the lovely words.
0.8316 Glad you liked it :)
0.824 It looks like your relationship is a bit DD/lg already so I hope it goes well!
0.8126 Sounds like a good time can be had :)

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-0.8176 she's a bad ass Dragonborn Paladin who breathes fire and smites with a magic sword ;)
-0.7096 Yeah fuck that shit.
-0.6808 That'd be scary :/
-0.5773 It's not easy sharing yourself on Reddit.
-0.5267 It also hurt to run during gym.
-0.296 I got teased for wearing a bra in grade school.
-0.2263 Pure silliness.
-0.2183 Don't be so hard on yourself.
-0.2003 :) Bad faeries are hot!
-0.0772 ;) I missed Robot Glitchy
-0.0572 Something anaconda don't want none something...
0.0 Poem found here: http://apoemaday.tumblr.com/post/158553487460/on-a-march-day