/u/missglitchy is very positive!

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0.906 :* happy new year darling!
0.8966 Ypu feel so free and it's nice to go back to the lovely sensations you felt then.
0.8921 :* Very glad you enjoyed this!
0.8916 :D Happy holidays!
0.8834 :3 I'm happy you enjoyed
0.8777 :* Been a while since I posted a Daddy audio, glad you enjoyed!
0.8402 Sharing it with others and them liking it too is a bonus.
0.8398 :* Love this book!
0.8364 We very rarely see your sweet side and this was incredibly sexy and affectionate so thank you!
0.8264 Very happy you found it sexy!
0.8176 As long as my Secret Santa recipient is happy, that's a win for me.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 we Catholics like doing bad things then regretting them after.
-0.5423 fuck it, this one works.
-0.4019 I don't think it was staying up late that got you to lose your virginity.
-0.3595 I had no idea you had me!
-0.2755 Couldn't agree with you more.
-0.2732 Guilt about pre-marital sex can eat into a person...
-0.2714 Not complaining at all!
-0.1027 Improv is hard.
-0.1027 This could be the wake up call he needs to get his shit together. Look out for yourself, sweetie.
-0.1027 :o Do you have any other depraved and filthy stories?
0.0 I tried it when I was new here so I feel ya...
0.0 Let me see what kind of script I can come up with.