/u/minimuffinz1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9215 ;) lol jk Super sexy!
0.8996 Would definitely love to see more of this handsome boi
0.8858 Their trans friend is super cute!
0.8588 Gorgeous as always, love!
0.8481 I'd be more than happy to help you use it so you don't lose it.
0.8283 :D Edit: Also, your voice is incredibly sexy.
0.8221 Super sexy as always!
0.802 I'd have loved to have been one of these college guys having fun with a married woman back when I was in school.
0.7558 I'd be more than happy to join!
0.743 God how I'd love to bend you over and give it to you.
0.7184 Is that your boyfriend or just a lucky friend?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 Then I apologize for beating a dead horse without knowing it.
-0.6597 I don't know why I found it so hot when both your hands were touching as you guys fucked her.
-0.623 I would absolutely fuck her!
-0.5849 I would absolutely fuck your wife.
-0.5551 So jealous of all three of you!
-0.5423 You bet your ass I would in a heartbeat.
-0.3595 I've missed you so much!
-0.3595 We missed you!
-0.34 Holy damn I want that.
-0.2023 Sounds like a pain.
-0.1531 Bend you over and slide my thick cock into that wet pussy of yours.
-0.1027 Pretend it's a microphone and sing Smashmouth's Allstar into it?