/u/minimuffinz1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9215 ;) lol jk Super sexy!
0.8996 Would definitely love to see more of this handsome boi
0.836 And I'm loving your wife's gorgeous breasts.
0.8283 :D Edit: Also, your voice is incredibly sexy.
0.8221 Super sexy as always!
0.7717 I love videos like these.
0.7644 I'd love to slap that gorgeous ass!
0.7558 I'd be more than happy to join!
0.7506 Yep, this post confirms you have the exact body type I love.
0.7184 Is that your boyfriend or just a lucky friend?
0.7177 Thanks for sharing!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 Then I apologize for beating a dead horse without knowing it.
-0.6597 I don't know why I found it so hot when both your hands were touching as you guys fucked her.
-0.623 I would absolutely fuck her!
-0.5849 I would absolutely fuck your wife.
-0.5551 I'm so jealous of your hubby!
-0.5423 You bet your ass I would in a heartbeat.
-0.3595 I've missed you so much!
-0.3595 We missed you!
-0.34 Holy damn I want that.
-0.2235 I can't believe I'm enjoying a gonewild post from somebody named keepyourpantson but I am.
-0.1877 What a wouldn't do for a chance with you.
-0.1531 Such a tasty looking cock.