/u/michaelb65 is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 Right wingers sure love to act like a bunch of politically correct snowflakes whenever it suits them
0.8225 Yeah, yeah, you got the best console ever, now show some games.
0.802 Your sarcastic quip is hilarious because Hillary won the popular vote.
0.743 Congratulations, you played yourself.
0.7422 Nuance is important when you're in a government position, but at least be fucking honest about it.
0.6908 Tell them you're gay or an atheist and enjoy their niceties.
0.6808 He's the only big name American politician I respect and agree with.
0.6738 That's selflessness, not foolishness. You did the right thing, your ex on the other hand, didn't.
0.6705 Pretty sure $ had more to do with it.
0.631 I don't know who this man is, but he seems offended over a good joke, which can only mean one thing in this context.
0.6249 His entire point is that organized religion is responsible for reinforcing and normalizing delusional behavior, which is true.

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-0.8885 And complaining about downvotes is extra ironic when you're ranting about entitlement, because no one is obliged to respect your hypocritical, crappy ass opinion.
-0.8876 Draining the swamp by enacting more neoliberal horse shit to fuck over poor people and the working class.
-0.8481 That God is a shitty parent blaming his children for his own bad parenting methods.
-0.8341 Waist trainers are modern day corsets and I absolutely hate that shit.
-0.7783 Hell, if it wasn't for urban culture, there'd be no Kim.
-0.703 So you're a self-righteous old fart getting mad at a millennial for not taking care of his situation when that's exactly what he's been doing.
-0.6808 Hell, the RCC, a bunch of 'moderates' still perform them. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/vaticancityandholysee/10550800/Rise-of-the-exorcists-in-Catholic-Church.html
-0.6705 A lot of women with a body use them to look even curvier and they just ruin their figure in the process because the proportions start to look weird.
-0.6597 DNC fucked it up big time with Hillary Republican-lite Clinton.
-0.6486 Holy men can do no wrong.
-0.6392 It's an odd beast and the leaders aren't very honest because they vote for neoliberal policies while they advocate for more social democracy during election time.
-0.6369 Yet the vast majority of hatred against homosexuals in the West comes from religious circles.