/u/michaelb65 is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Religion of Love and Religion of Peace
0.765 It's funny how the West loves to spread radical Islam if it's done for geopolitical power and resources.
0.7506 It all goes hand in hand despite the constant denial from neoliberals.
0.7269 It has nothing to do with promoting secularism so that everyone is free to belief or disbelief in what they want.
0.7069 With black and hispanic women it's pretty much a given, so it's less special.
0.705 But then again, these people would be cheering if he bombed a bunch of brown kids. Getting this enthusiastic about warfare is creepy though.
0.6808 Said the special snowflake defending his safe space.
0.6743 Sure be nice if Trumplings could follow their own advice and change t_D so that it's no longer a safe space...
0.6738 And going all ooga booga my rock god can beat your sky god isn't going solve shit.
0.6623 Last time I checked, the entirety of Reddit doesn't ban every single dissenting voice like t_D does.
0.6369 How fucking convenient. Besides, white supremacy and colonialism are to blame for this just as much as Christianity, because it all goes hand in hand.

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-0.8176 Actual people died because she voted for the war in Iraq.
-0.798 Astroturfing is ruining reddit in particular and social media in general. And I don't care whether it's done by Trumplings or CTR shills, both sides need to fuck off.
-0.7845 It went from legitimate criticism of Islam to alt-right fear mongering.
-0.7703 You're quite literally demanding that we should be politically correct about their systematic misogyny which has harmed millions of girls and women all around the world. Well, fuck that.
-0.7584 Kinda hard to be tolerant of such beliefs when they peddle this kind of quackery to people who are suffering from cancer.
-0.7351 And yes, I hate a church that runs the biggest child abuse ring on this planet.
-0.7351 Too bad science would've done wonders for certain African countries compared to abstinence bullshit over contraception and anti-abortion policies
-0.7269 You destroyed a culture, ruined an entire generation of people and suddenly an apology is all that's needed to let bygones be bygones?
-0.7184 I wonder how many niggas actually give YesJulz a pass because she's a thick white girl, because I see that shit all the time.
-0.7105 And it's not like we common citizens are benefiting from their realpolitik-esque bullshit either.
-0.7096 Hard to call it an insult when there's no longer a difference between you alt reichers and SJWs.
-0.7096 No, you're being blatantly dishonest by comparing a guidebook to religious indoctrination with a children's book about myths.