/u/michaelb65 is kind of a dick.

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0.8184 And that's the shit I'm not supporting because I'm not a dumb racist.
0.8126 Superior Master Race.... Why do I get a feeling that they're only brave behind a keyboard or in large groups?
0.7964 This perfectly illustrates why thick is better.
0.7579 The RCC is definitely doing it too. Like going to a religious school who didn't brainwash you is a huge accomplishment on their part when it should be the fucking norm.
0.7579 Nazis sure love to deflect.
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.6908 I guess...? IG is definitely not an accurate way to gauge the general population in terms of attraction.
0.6705 She should because it honestly looks like her thighs and hips are shrinking.
0.6705 White supremacists sure love their false equivalencies.
0.659 Emotionally balanced, intelligent and we gotta vibe really well.
0.6369 I love how you deflect from the PC rhetoric of your own group to focus on the PC rhetoric of some other group.

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-0.8481 I dread small talk because it bores me to death.
-0.8442 That ass is basic as hell.
-0.8402 No, I said there is something wrong with the eyes of these racist motherfuckers who claim to be about white purity while they often want melanated asians .
-0.836 This shit makes no goddamn sense at all.
-0.8271 Still anchored by the racist, patriarchal system they allegedly hate so much...
-0.8176 Racist ass motherfuckers.
-0.7934 Sometimes you have to be the bigger person, but Trump's pathetic ego won't allow that.
-0.7783 All while gloating that we're going to burn in hell for thought crimes because they have no self-awareness.
-0.7096 Odd, it's always when you have a Republican president that your country's public image goes to shit.
-0.6908 This feels like some racist alt-right attempt to do damage control since it depends on a false equivalence
-0.6748 Angry white dudes on the internet have become so loud that their presence online has already eclipsed the pansexual genderfluids they're so obsessed with.
-0.6705 One side threw punches, the other side ran over a crowd and killed a person.