/u/michaelb65 is a total dick!

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0.8718 Add in factors such as better education, better economic welfare and more stable environments, and the differences become clear.
0.7269 Just another reason why anything secular is better than anything religious, including charities.
0.7184 So child mutilation is perfectly fine because of muh religion?
0.701 All these false equivalences are hilarious as well since the part that gets cut off does in fact make sex less pleasurable due to the nerve endings that are gone.
0.7003 But good job, keep supporting these archaic and barbaric religious rituals.
0.6908 You on the other hand are just deflecting like religious apologists tend to do, which is way more propagandistic.
0.6682 They're so in love with her they can't see how she went from thick to fat .
0.6582 Catholics are a part of Christianity, otherwise they wouldn't believe in God and celebrate the importance of Jesus.
0.6124 You sure you want to play this equivalence game?
0.5267 Too many skeletors in the mainstream media being displayed as something ideal.
0.5106 This is just a regressive defense of Christianity because you want to deflect like a typical religious apologist. EDIT:

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-0.8797 The nerve! And stop being so goddamn hypocritical since your trying to shame people on here as well.
-0.8779 Ok, through no fault of their own, they were born into the wrong culture, where they got the wrong theology, and they missed the revelation.
-0.8658 They're that goddamn stupid and hateful.
-0.8555 The way homsexuals get treated by Christianity is still highly barbaric, as evidenced by the suicide rates, kidnappings and torture procedures.
-0.8481 Youll be tortured in Hell for eternity.
-0.8357 The difference though is that only the former openly admits it, meaning the latter are being hypocritical on top of being just as annoying. Stop being so dishonest.
-0.8225 No, you were being dishonest and now you ramble about irrelevant nonsense.
-0.807 Shaming bad people for doing bad things!
-0.7906 Putting people in positions of authority just because they talk to sky spirits is a dangerous thing, especially if you look at the controlling and abusive history of organized religion.
-0.7906 At least she got actual ass and isn't just throwing her skinny ass back out.
-0.7808 An authoritarian society where you can't do something harmless because it offends your neighbors is way shittier.
-0.765 Long live corporatism. And adding insult to injury, you got a bunch of old people complaining about visual pollution every time they want to build a wind farm.