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0.6808 Fair weather fans power is strong in Chicago.
0.6705 Definitely one of my favorites.
0.6597 Yes, yes, mind can, in fact, vomit.
0.6369 This game really sums up our pitching efforts this season perfectly.
0.6249 Honestly, I feel like the only team remaining in the post season that's capable of beating the Cubs is the Indians.
0.5719 Your wish is granted
0.5095 I'm so glad you're still doing this.
0.4927 I really hope these garbage refs don't get selected for the Superbowl.
0.4717 Don't you assholes remember last year?
0.4404 Bell's getting a ton better as a first baseman.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8122 It's windy in shitty Wrigley tonigh my fucking ass.
-0.7964 Fuck the Cubs and their shitty fans.
-0.7906 Fuck the Cubs and fuck Arrieta.
-0.7579 Dickhead fans only unfortunately.
-0.7579 We sent you a piece of shit of a pitcher :(
-0.7556 Dude shut the fuck up about how WC game works and it's awesome and we shouldn't discuss a best of 3 game WC. I hate it when our games are on Fox.
-0.7506 They suck ass.
-0.7351 Archer had a terrible terrible season this year by the way.
-0.6597 The Indians fucked the ball out of the ballpark twice tonight in that same ballpark.
-0.6486 Arrieta killer
-0.631 I hate Coghlan for what he did to Jung Ho Kang but this is some ridiculously amazing shit.
-0.5859 SON OF A BITCH.