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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9607 Ohhh wow, your Pussy is just so perfect, am sure sweet as well, just the right position to enjoy it, do you serve cream with it
0.9559 Wow, sweet and sexy girl love your boobs and body, pretty tidy and organised
0.9531 Wow awesome , self love is awesome isn't it?
0.9118 Wow , would be pleasurable to cum and join your company, how do you enjoy being accompanied
0.9001 Wow love those sweet lips, where do I start
0.8979 Wow awesome, can I start with those sweet lips then
0.8957 Ohhh love that sexy body, do you enjoy going cowgirl
0.8947 Wow you're so sexy, what a sweet body girl,
0.8885 Wow , with those sweet delicious curves, I'd have more then my hands on you
0.886 I like the first one, shows your beautiful ass, peach and love your strong back
0.8834 Wow such a beautiful pussy, what do you enjoy more, toys, tongue or cock

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5719 Shake shake it, like you'll grind it, that teasing ass though
-0.4404 Shiny and dirty?
-0.357 Mmm neither would I, glad you'd take that for a ride
-0.3182 Yessss slow and sensual tease, building the intensity
-0.296 No, wet and appetising?
-0.2411 Mmm not sure what's your preference of big
-0.1459 So more struggling with the girth then the length must be filled nice
0.0 Ohh those lips
0.0 Mmm desert.
0.0 Holy Pussy
0.0 Mmmm you got both filled, where do I put mine
0.0 How else can I show you