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0.9287 That was autstanding :) thanks for the best reddit laugh of my week.
0.9246 I did my best to trim up the audio, but I know we're still working out some kinks there, we'll keep getting better thought, i promise :)
0.9117 Great having you on :) Give our best to /r/explainlikeimfive !
0.9062 thanks /u/RustyRook i appreciated the alert there, and yes this exact project is what I would commit my life to given the right lottery ticket etc.
0.9032 So yeah, theres a few spots that could have somewhat better audio, but someday we'll look back on that adorable first episode and enjoy the little flaws.
0.8927 Like anything that's not a rare and comes in as "_hpD" is just useless, and deleting it is a very easy to automate task, and I'd love to have more actual fun in the game, rather than the busywork.
0.875 great work /u/PixelDJ :) thanks much
0.8519 best, hp, attack, defense, best So my pokemon in storage look like this: http://imgur.com/a/8W5Eh So, more than half my pokemon time is spent: 1.
0.8481 Love the game, thanks for your contributions to my new years resolution going well.
0.847 lol, very nice :)
0.8384 those are both very good reasons :) i'll try to take a look into it before our formal launch later in the day tomorrow 11/1/16, thx for the suggestion.

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-0.5859 Alas, 1st world problem eh?
-0.5423 Turns out you're right on this, my bad folks, I'll read closer next time.
-0.4877 It's just a matter of making the environment itself utterly inhospitable to deceit.
-0.4812 If I'm not trying to convince you this won't drop on Tuesday does that count as a Rule A violation?
-0.4404 no, seriously.
-0.2732 I'm sorry to hear /u/baldurans has moved on tho :( but maybe it's on to something cooler?
-0.2023 Oh, and the empty hole in the center of CAA building?
-0.1901 a far more primitive expression but cutting across other topic areas.
-0.1027 Yeah, in terms of battles, the arenas on santa monica pier are more likely to glitch on victory than anything.
-0.0464 Sure why not :)
-0.0162 https://www.reddit.com/r/YouShouldKnow/comments/izome/ysk_you_can_pretty_much_never_have_all_three/ also, i'm not really super solidly behind these diagrams, more just kind of for fun.
0.0 a stretch of road!