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0.9416 Very nice and super responsive, highly recommend :)
0.8991 So pretty btw, I love it :) did you put the mattes just in the crease, or on the lid under dust too?
0.8832 I have black hair and I love the ABH brow wiz in ebony :) if you want cooler, i'd recommend granite!
0.8737 I really enjoy the look of the MAC palettes, out of all the ones I've seen I think it's the nicest and most sturdy packaging :)
0.872 super friendly and nice to work with
0.8602 HAHAHA I love it.
0.8588 I was super lucky and was able to grab one during their sale a few weeks ago for $64! No shedding at all, I've found an perfect use for all of them.
0.8516 Real techniques makes some great brushes, you can grab the sets at Ulta when they're BOGO 50% with coupons and it's super affordable!
0.8516 Also super nice and responsible!
0.8442 Love chatting with her and super smooth transaction.
0.8439 perfect buyer and awesome person!

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-0.839 never mind, deleted that stupid comment because i wasn't paying attention :) ill wait on black honey pop!
-0.6486 I expressed to her my worry about a palette shattering since I've received multiple broken items in the past, and she packed it so carefully and thoroughly!
-0.6124 For some reason sequin pulled straight orange on me, looks horrible on my skin color :/
-0.4331 Sometimes swatches aren't a great reflection of how it'll actually look, worse case scenario I pass it onto my mom LOL.
-0.4215 if i got get anything by tomorrow morning ill probably contact customer service and ask what's up.
-0.3595 no ones asked for the items!
-0.3182 I did notice that aurora has more wearable colors, the only thing I'm skeptical of is helia.
-0.3167 Their brushes shed like crazy and are of very low quality.
-0.296 There's no legit reason to be on it if youre dating someone.
-0.2942 It was limited edition, the only permanent ABH glowkits are moonchild and sundipped!
-0.2411 Since I have yellow undertones I'm not a fan of yellow highlighters and in swatches it looks VERY yellow.
-0.2411 You probably should delete this comment, it's not cool to say you're selling the same thing OP is selling....