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0.9022 It's alive and growing and they are releasing good updates constantly, hope to see you in-game :)
0.8514 Yeah this is good, to add to it you could also shut off the engine and even roll down more than just your drivers side window if you really want to make them feel more comfortable.
0.8452 Nice dude, GL with even more :)
0.8316 Hey it's all good, thanks for contributing :)
0.802 I'm looking for friends to play with and I don't stake, PM me on reddit if you're interested, I think I might try and start a little group.
0.7351 Just by saying that I think you're pretty grateful compared to a lot of people
0.6908 Wow, that's the weirdest account, nice man
0.6249 It's a huge clan chat lol
0.6249 that's awesome.
0.5719 I think most people would just be like, yeah, duh.
0.5719 Could do a lot to help your chance at getting a ticket.

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-0.6809 This is so dumb, why would somebody give you 30 million because you dropped stuff on the ground? And why would you think you'd be able to anti-lure them for 30 million?
-0.6697 I think a lot of people that are suddenly forced to stop spending money can be really negative and don't realize that they can do a lot to make themselves happy without spending money.
-0.5267 Sorry OP, gotta remove this as a few people are suggesting this may not work or even make things worse.
-0.5214 I never understand why people get so upset.
-0.4215 You can still access this page but it's no longer linked to anywhere anymore
-0.4003 Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason: * **Use descriptive titles when posting!
-0.3818 What LPTs do you see that are crap?
-0.3612 That sucks, they should have somebody letting cars go through every so often
-0.3353 that you "could have gotten the more expensive drop bc it's the same rarity"
-0.296 It comes down to convenience, no?
-0.0772 Removed, sorry, this just hit the front page earlier
-0.0772 Sorry, even though lots of people don't notice I have to remove this for being common sense