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0.9674 MUFF is a super cool festival! I'll be throwing in some cash and anyone who loves cool, weird, one-of-a-kind films should too. One of my proudest moments was being selected for the festival.
0.882 I am curious about your distribution decisions - I noticed that Iron Town received some distribution but you seem pretty off put by the idea of festival submissions or seeking distribution.
0.8658 You'll save yourself a lot of trouble and expense by finding the festivals you best fit in to.
0.8271 I hope that many more filmmakers get the chance to be seen by the amazing folks who attend MUFF.
0.8074 We have the game. It is probably perfect for what you are describing. Like an Addams Family-level of macabre humor.
0.807 Thanks! This is all great info.
0.802 I think its pretty safe to say the corporation will be pretty low earning for the time being - just a place for production funds to transfer through.
0.802 I've definitely found that starting a vacation at a good history museum helps me pinpoint where to visit next.
0.7639 Excellent endorsement for Lawrence of Arabia!!
0.7345 Good luck with it!
0.7088 I will definitely look along the Sheppard subway line now. Thanks!

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-0.7842 Even if my shit isn't that great.
-0.694 Can you give us a short review of the motion picture FUBAR 2?
-0.5207 I am not sure how I've avoided seeing that movie for so long...
-0.5206 843 My Zune - say what you will about the little obsolete SOB, I am still listening to podcasts on it everywhere I go.
-0.3818 I was confused. Though strangely also turned out to be technically correct... So let's go with unconfirmed shared universe.
-0.3384 What are your expenses for rentals/subcontracted labour? My annual revenue has typically been very low - under $10K.
-0.2244 That is some badass practical footage!
-0.09 It'll seriously limit dialogue but it'll give you the effect.
-0.0772 I can definitely understand your frustrations.
-0.0572 I don't want the funding coming in and going directly to me.
0.0 Don't now you're head too much.
0.0 That is the only photo I am aware of.