/u/maullido is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 Yeah, but there can get something interesting like charrua poser contrasting the true descendents
0.6369 Best mercenary of the world
0.4939 I thought it was a hand
0.4215 At least i read people who already watched other tomino works liked it.
0.3612 I like the part of use native as awakened force, maybe similar to NAN?
0.3612 You can translate the same stuff, like j now carlos rodriguez,juan perez or any really common name.
0.34 Ha visto a un seor billetin y a don soborno?
0.0 En una caja o un frasco?
0.0 Son fotos de archivo...
0.0 Something in the moon?
0.0 bienvenido a /r/argentina

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 Kill la kill
-0.7351 Every good and bad character will die or end mentally screwed like in tomino golden age
-0.5789 If i remember well there are still more variant in runner companion , but for infected
-0.577 Lose a battle, train hard, lose at tournament, more hard train, win at tournament
-0.5423 A bad mix of getter robo and macross ?
-0.5267 Y no solo no aceptas que estabas equivocado cuando te prueban como incorrecto, sino que volves a usar esos argumentos insostenibles.
-0.5106 Get a pain editor
-0.4019 Nevermind that was annoying one
-0.296 Y no tener trapitos
-0.296 Ese no es un alargue de 15m?
-0.296 bueno ya no
-0.296 Eso no es lo mismo que haces normalmente al escuchar una cancion?