/u/marisam7 is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 They love this country and they want this country to be great again.
0.8591 Mods = Random users who made subreddits like this one or users who the subreddit owner gave special privileges to help moderate the subreddit.
0.8402 I just want to add I'm pretty sure this story was inspired by a Slim Jim commercial.
0.7906 [Just got my first PM relating to this post.] Great debunking once again from Trump supporters.
0.7906 [I love these so much because it really shows you their true colors through these delusional fantasies.]
0.7579 I'm positive that if CNN was around during WW2 they would invite a literal Nazi onto the show so they can have "fair and balanced" reporting when they talked about the Concentration Camps.
0.7003 Isn't every real Christian supposed to only respect and desire Biblical law?
0.6908 It would be better if the community had an easier way to come together and address this brigading.
0.6289 1999 Fort Worth, TX SYATP Shooting 1.
0.6124 "That's fine sweetie, as long as it doesn't bring your grades down..."
0.5267 They are passionate.

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-0.9652 Feel free to post your 205 examples of Liberals doing things worse then raping people for mocking Trump or going on killing sprees or planning terrorist attacks or all the other things I listed then.
-0.8979 If the FBI classifies the Dallas attack as a Left Wing Terrorist Attack I will add it as one.
-0.885 So if you disagree with that and want it declassified as a right wing terrorist attack take it up with the FBI.
-0.8316 I don't list it as a left wing terrorist attack because the FBI didn't classify it as one.
-0.8316 That is a right wing terrorist attack according to the FBI who classified it as one before I added it to the list.
-0.8261 The list only mentions attacks where atleast one person or more were killed.
-0.8225 In every one of those places, I searched through all the terrorist attacks from 1993 onward that were labeled as Left Wing Ideologically driven.
-0.8225 I actually picked 1993 because I made this list to compare it to Islamic Terrorist Attacks which started in the same time frame.
-0.7906 [Best of the Worst: Parole Violators, Future Force, and Geteven]
-0.7845 1999 Redding, CA Arson Attacks & Anti-Gay Murders 1.
-0.7783 And in none of those did they list the Dallas shooter as being on that or listed any attacks that resulted in fatalities.
-0.765 Remember when that YouTuber Onision got accused of rape and his excuse was.