/u/marisam7 is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 Friend of a friend was a production assistant that told me they needed more people for the crew and I could earn $8 an hour helping out with various things.
0.795 If someone told you they had a headache then they took some aspirin and felt better would you demand scientific proof that they really felt better and weren't just lying?
0.7579 Pretty impressive reading skills.
0.7003 Some pretty clear projection here.
0.6908 Why would you accept someones word about one issue and not the other when you have no right to dictate what kind of food people like or who they are attracted to?
0.6369 I love how you keep going out of your way to downvote every one of my comments by the way.
0.6369 You got me, I'm just pretending to have a sensible opinion just like thousands of people are pretending to be straight, you know more about the sexuality and opinions of stranger than they do.
0.6369 Have you ever considered getting a job and earning money yourself for a living instead of begging for support from strangers like a parasite?
0.6369 Millions of people think Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made, millions of people think its an Adam Sandler film.
0.5719 Most of the actors seemed happy just to be getting work and at most there were just a few raised eyebrows.
0.5423 Although he maintained his innocence, he was initially unwilling to take a chance on being sentenced to even longer than that had he been convicted.

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-0.9493 Staged assassination plot In 1999, undercover MCSO deputies arrested James Saville, then 18 years old, and charged him with plotting to kill Arpaio with a pipe bomb.
-0.9062 Pointing out how corrective rape is wrong is now stalking and harassment.
-0.9062 No I don't think journalists should be getting death threats because they won't publish false info about delusional conspiracy theories.
-0.9055 A website owned by Gawker who is now bankrupt for destroying peoples lives by basically releasing revenge porn without peoples consent?
-0.9001 And you seem to have no problem when these are done as other forms of therapy, electroshock therapy for treating depression or substance abuse is fine by you when its done against peoples will.
-0.8834 No, when you are filling out an anonymous door to door survey saying you were the victim of a crime that doesn't equate filing a police report on a crime.
-0.8588 It's kind of sad that instead of just admitting you are wrong its easier to just think people are lying about disagreeing with you in whatever demented fantasy land you must live in.
-0.8316 That can't be said for a private citizen who is a journalist because he refuses to publish conspiracy theories claiming the former First Lady murdered someone.
-0.8074 That's more the kind of mindset of violent psychopaths who need to be locked up before they can hurt anyone.
-0.796 And you have somehow come to the conclusion that this is some kind of conspiracy against Bill O'Reilly and that everyone involved is just lying against him.
-0.7845 I don't think with their limited resources they should be expected to be monitoring twitter on the off chance that a terrorist will warn the public they are going to commit an attack.
-0.7579 You could always just stop wasting your pathetic life trying to troll everyone you meet on reddit and maybe do something productive as well.