/u/lostmykeeleighs is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 I love love love your tail!!!
0.9127 You're very welcome love your soles btw, they look very kissable!!
0.8979 lol I should've guessed, I would love to have such a cute tail ;)
0.8753 Hahaha that is AMAZING!!!
0.872 Sexy title = "bubbly body perfection" lol
0.8271 That's a beautiful toy and amazing view
0.8271 Its beautiful, and looks amazing in you...
0.81 "Last of the Mohicans" was one of my dad's favorite movies, but I loved the music WAY more than the film.
0.8081 You're really really pretty :)
0.8007 I agree, your hair is totally amazing!!
0.7906 I love pizza lol

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.3607 No definitely not lol ;)
0.0 What is this from?
0.0 I forgot how to use my words
0.0 I believe you are
0.0 A retired professional cuddle buddy?
0.0 How do you get that job?
0.0 What is this from??
0.0 I was just thinking, I wouldn't mind this being my life *blush
0.0 100% correct title
0.0 uhm i think the blonde will have a better christmas than i am :(
0.1027 It is a beautiful ass
0.4588 Actually, this affects foreign women, not Americans, so that's how he can say that he still cares about the American people.