/u/lostmykeeleighs is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 I love love love your tail!!!
0.9132 Glad I could help lol you really are beautiful
0.9127 You're very welcome love your soles btw, they look very kissable!!
0.8979 lol I should've guessed, I would love to have such a cute tail ;)
0.8753 Hahaha that is AMAZING!!!
0.872 Sexy title = "bubbly body perfection" lol
0.8658 I would love a slumber party with them lol
0.8625 Great smile :)
0.8377 Thank you so much for accepting me Miss, you made my work day sooo fun!!!
0.8271 That's a beautiful toy and amazing view
0.8271 Its beautiful, and looks amazing in you...

Most Negative Sentences

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0.0 What is this from?
0.0 I forgot how to use my words
0.0 I believe you are
0.0 A retired professional cuddle buddy?
0.0 How do you get that job?
0.0 What is this from??
0.0 I was just thinking, I wouldn't mind this being my life *blush
0.0 100% correct title
0.1027 It is a beautiful ass
0.4588 You're welcome
0.4588 Actually, this affects foreign women, not Americans, so that's how he can say that he still cares about the American people.
0.4927 You make that filter look really good