/u/lololala1 is very positive!

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42Overall Score
51Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8481 The best peach, gorgeous
0.8442 Love them beautiful
0.8442 Love that beautiful body
0.836 Beautiful post of gorgeous woman
0.836 Gorgeous beautiful as always
0.8074 Sexy and beautiful As always
0.8074 It's beautiful curvy day , sexy
0.8074 Sexy beautiful
0.802 Sexy amazing as always
0.7845 I wish , love those nipples
0.7845 Good morning gorgeous

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6908 No bad at all
-0.6566 Very depressing no one talked to you and I eat lunch in the car
-0.5423 Lickable ass
-0.34 What manicure I was distracted hehe
-0.3071 Yes but if I was with I be distracted
-0.296 White walls no windows the smell
0.0 https://tenor.co/FCYf.gif
0.0 You got legs and you know how to use them
0.0 You naughty lady
0.0 I worked in a meat packing plant as a temp
0.0 Mmmmm, sexual vixen
0.0 Now my day is complete