/u/lol-da-mar-s-cool is kind of a dick.

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0.7498 I'm trying to run six sams, I know its probably a shit deck at this point, but I'm hoping Konami releases more support in the near future
0.6249 This aversion to having super close male friends as a heterosexual male so that people don't think you're gay seems to be a uniquely American phenomenon.
0.5994 lmao expecting people on here to think from themselves and not just parrot sammy boi's opinions.
0.5859 )) I tip my hat to you fashy goy xD
0.4939 He's classic conservative/neo-con. Pretty sure riding Trump's nuts is a prerequisite to being alt-lite.
0.4824 NP link and a link to the full comments.
0.4588 Cassini and Invent the Universe are probably his most iconic albums, 26 is my personal favorite though.
0.4588 Who does that benefit?
0.4588 - all of which have mainstream acceptance, while hip hop and such are dismissed as "underclass". Country music is "mainstream" and hip-hop isn't?
0.4576 I remember watching an ep of JRE back in late 2015 with Dave Rubin, and I remember thinking he was a really interesting and insightful guy so I started following his show.
0.4404 on the bright side, we'll get some more nihilist self-hating vertical videos

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-0.9428 The car is obviously in the wrong but no one is going to give a fuck about whether you live or die other than you.
-0.8755 you are exactly the cancerous type of retard that is the reason that our politics are so fucked
-0.8658 America's involvement and the arming of "moderate rebels" has only made things worse and the war drag on longer.
-0.7506 Too bad your ideas suck
-0.7184 Maybe if they hadn't you'd just be some harmless polio cripple in a wheelchair, instead of being just another retard online posting shitty stale memes.
-0.7184 There is no comment section on this article wtf are you talking about
-0.6908 He had ample time to slow down when that car cut in, he is a shit rider and a hazard to himself.
-0.6808 We have more art, the lowest levels of war, disease and poverty and general suffering in human history, highest levels of education, more technological development, yeah I'd say it is pretty good.
-0.6597 You seem like an annoying insufferable cunt so you'd probably find a way to be offended anyway.
-0.5994 Reminds me of the JFK assassination
-0.5719 you do know what there are a lot of Jews, in fact most American Jews, that hate Netanyahu's guts right?
-0.5574 Is there any way that this law isn't thrown out for being unconstitutional on similar grounds for the way the Muslim ban was thrown out?