/u/lol-da-mar-s-cool is kind of a dick.

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0.8219 People aren't going to stop driving gas-driven cars tomorrow, we need a better solution in the midterm than coal, or importing oil from countries like saudi arabia.
0.7739 I love JP, he's able to articulate a lot of the stuff we already know with some science behind it.
0.7506 [ I went to great lengths to acquire this photo] please spread it around.
0.7003 all good, have a good one
0.6705 Pretty sure this is a meme journal, they also published an article last week about intersectional quantum mechanics.
0.6369 You mean best
0.6369 When they made the finals in 2007 their second best player was Mo Williams.
0.5994 Nobody gets degrees from ccs that's not the point of going to a cc lmao.
0.5859 I've got red-eyes flare, dante, and big-eye, and a binder here: http://imgur.com/a/IKBwS Interested in your god cards set.
0.5574 I like antiluminscent knight, god card set, exodia set, I have a secret raigeki and a binder here: http://imgur.com/a/IKBwS
0.4939 Increased availability of credit increases demand which brings costs up.

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-0.8481 You wrote an essay trying to rationalize why you failed a high-school level math test, when the short answer is you were either lazy or a retard, or a combination of the two.
-0.8016 Why not admit you are wrong instead of continuing to make an ass of yourself.
-0.6935 This shows poor character, and the fact that you are not confident in your own ideas.
-0.6808 you say that but you're the guy complaining about the guy complaining about the guy complaining about memes posted by "randos" on facebook pages, so what does that make you?
-0.6369 fracking and domestic abuse are not analogous
-0.5859 And people wonder why tuition has gotten so high when this is the type of bullshit its being spent on.
-0.5859 wtf is that sub
-0.5574 It's time to get young, diverse people into office not the same white conservative male crap that keeps ruining our country. The cop that shot him was Hispanic
-0.5574 When people say "small artists" they are probably talking about indie bandcamp shit.
-0.5574 Ancient cultures never "asked for permission" throughout history, cultural appropriation is an idiotic concept.
-0.4767 Are they wrong tho?
-0.4767 a giga fag?