/u/lol-da-mar-s-cool is kind of a dick.

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0.8473 Sure the themes and flow don't flow as well as the EPs, but it has some really good tracks like Cascade and Pastures.
0.7184 Handmade Cities is probably my second favorite work after Sweet Nothings.
0.6229 Trump supporters are not blocking intersections, its not the same.
0.5927 It starts off slow but gets better.
0.5719 Sounds like an obvious joke to me
0.5719 I guess I should've said run and won.
0.5423 This is actually fascinating.
0.5106 Trust me, I have the documents, I've done the research
0.5106 That's aside from the principle of free speech in a broader sense.
0.4767 Pegging its value to the dollar instead of allowing it to float freely to market forces **IS** manipulation.
0.4576 Holding a Trump rally in Berkeley most definitely would not fall under that doctrine in 2017.

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-0.891 Yes, blocking emergency service vehicles so you can have your temper tantrum rally is generally a bad thing.
-0.8529 The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Looks to me like you have absolutely zero real principles, your immature and childish political ideology boils down to /r/killthosewhodisagree
-0.8176 Why bother to post your retarded comments if you aren't gonna bother reading the whole comment chain?
-0.8014 It may indeed result in death of the motorcycle operator, but this isn't a given. You are a fucking moron.
-0.7964 Rent control is a shitty and counter-productive idea anyway let it fail
-0.7906 If he releases it and there is anything bad of substance, that's a bad outcome.
-0.7717 Eat a dick retard.
-0.7264 fucking gross, rick ross was easily the worst part of that song.
-0.7096 Oh no its retarded
-0.6531 The shitty service that is endemic to domestic carriers is not serving the interests of the consumer at all.
-0.6212 Also, you probably shouldn't use the term "hate speech" because it doesn't exist as a legal concept in American law.
-0.6212 "Hate speech" does not exist as a legal concept in the US.