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0.9426 NICE monatge Ballk I think the best were the Market clip or when you split them three times. Btw love that song :)
0.9331 I just sent you a few clips but they are mostly me just playing I did it in a zip otherwise it was quite big so I don't know if that works. Good luck with the bot :)
0.9246 Thanks and it can be more than 5 minutes that was just a base guide. Thanks for the topics also they both sound good and interesting as I do want to keep my teacher interested.
0.9231 wp :) Nice montage Nice jukes Happy birthday
0.9104 AMAZING! I love how you fit the music with clips too. 10/10 would watch another Nube montage.
0.9001 Thanks i always enjoy pubbing with you, I know its gonna be a good game :)
0.8625 Wow am I famous now? BTW nice :)
0.8555 Nice montage nov I like the song as well :)
0.8488 I don't know if i copied it right but here is the [script] And as Ruud said there is rules and stuff so yeah :)
0.8316 Thanks you so much for continually working on and updating this extension, it is probably the most used Tagpro extension and all thanks to you :)

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-0.7845 I say 'No worries' all the time :(
-0.6908 Literally vape and rape boys.
-0.5927 Maybe I'll give it a go but I am already quite busy this year :(
-0.5719 You caught me I hate Ballparts
-0.34 I recently got the book 'A World Of Ice And Fire' and I could hardly put it down.
-0.34 I wipe dirt onto plates and cutlery then go and give them to customers.
-0.296 I have no sense of scale here, those mountains and that tree look the exact same height.
-0.2946 NINJABOT Don't be harsh I've been shit recently
-0.2263 She tries to forget about her bits too.
-0.128 If you right click and let go rapidly against an object or barrier you start to slide through it.
0.0 If you bleach your hair for too long it will fall out.
0.0 Just don't do it near the school.