/u/lmaotoohard is very positive!

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0.9426 NICE monatge Ballk I think the best were the Market clip or when you split them three times. Btw love that song :)
0.9331 I just sent you a few clips but they are mostly me just playing I did it in a zip otherwise it was quite big so I don't know if that works. Good luck with the bot :)
0.9313 Wow I remember that one on cedar that was awesome wp :) Any chance I could get the song?
0.9246 Thanks and it can be more than 5 minutes that was just a base guide. Thanks for the topics also they both sound good and interesting as I do want to keep my teacher interested.
0.9231 wp :) Nice montage Nice jukes Happy birthday
0.9104 AMAZING! I love how you fit the music with clips too. 10/10 would watch another Nube montage.
0.8591 Alcaeus I love your song and your jukes/killing people is cool too :)
0.8555 I wish I could but I have some IRL stuff to deal with for a few months hopefully next season though :)
0.8481 Have fun with the montage and thanks man :)
0.8316 Okay thanks I'll give it a go hope it goes well.
0.824 Please. Please do :D

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-0.7845 I say 'No worries' all the time :(
-0.6908 Literally vape and rape boys.
-0.5095 I swear to God this was the most heartbreaking thread I've read, I got tears to my eyes.
-0.4588 Someone group with him and tell him all about the game and competitive side and how we need new players yet hate them too.
-0.3818 Mind Pls :(
-0.3612 What is a common pub habit that is bad in leagues and why is of hard to play with comms?
-0.34 I recently got the book 'A World Of Ice And Fire' and I could hardly put it down.
-0.34 I wipe dirt onto plates and cutlery then go and give them to customers.
-0.3182 You lost me at "ok"
-0.2023 My whole reputation of being the best d in my England is ruined :(
-0.128 If you right click and let go rapidly against an object or barrier you start to slide through it.
0.0 Gets me hyped if TP Next