/u/lilpixymilf is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.865 What gorgeous lips and such an amazing chest!!!
0.8625 I'd love to help clean her up afterwards....
0.8481 Love that gorgeous body darlin...
0.8374 LOVE that drip of sweet honey....
0.8268 Such a gorgeous photo darlin....so sexy!
0.8126 Such a gorgeous and sexy young lady....
0.8122 You're my hero darlin....my sexy as fuck hero!
0.8004 It would be the most precious gift of all darlin.
0.7901 Love that smile!
0.7845 Such a gorgeous gift.
0.7683 Very nice and kissable!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4926 I would die if I ever got the chance to taste you darlin.....nomnomnomnom!
-0.4898 You're such a tease!!!
-0.469 So sorry that I missed your birthday darlin....
-0.3382 I am sooooo envious!
-0.2003 and a cute ass!
0.0 That's travelling first class darlin!
0.0 That would be nice....
0.0 Those nipples look extra tasty!
0.0 You can bet on it darlin!
0.0 I have the same VS outfit....
0.0 Nomnomnomnom!
0.0 So incredibly inviting....