/u/legman577 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8588 I would love too, you are gorgeous!
0.8442 Beautiful, I would love to see more.
0.8316 Yes please, you look lovely.
0.8313 Very sexy, you look great.
0.8313 Very sexy, you look great
0.7964 Good morning, I would love to chat.
0.7964 Yes, yes and yes.
0.7845 Great picture, you are a lucky man.
0.7845 I would love to help fix that.
0.7717 I love that slight smile.
0.765 Happy birthday, I hope you get your spankings.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Your ass is incredible
-0.5423 The gif of your ass at the end sent me over the edge.
-0.3612 Would using my tongue as well be cheating?
-0.3412 I can't think of a better Christmas present.
-0.0256 That was incredibly sexy, but seriously they left before round two?
0.0 Incredible pictures!
0.0 Bite, lick, taste...yum.
0.0 Not at all.
0.0 You have a Selma Hayek in Dogma look going.
0.0 Your pictures are always incredible!
0.0 Incredible picture!
0.0 You look incredible.