/u/leebintroll1 is a total dick!

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0.8478 I definitely agree, this is the perfect depiction of a chimp!
0.7845 It's pretty disgraceful that the posts here promote and encourage whites to have no children at all.
0.7717 Lmao, true.
0.7065 They're about as intelligent as them, so yeah
0.5994 Lmao, the nigga just got rekt .
0.5859 Wow, you're some edgy people in this subreddit.
0.5859 Amazing that she kept that body.
0.5859 Wow, a triggered little snowflake.
0.5574 He's rich so he has the option to dilute the white genome.
0.5574 Granted it is empirical evidence, but it is something I've noticed and easily verifiable by looking online.
0.5562 Fun Fact: When they say ''roaring 20's'', what they're talking about is her weight in stone!

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-0.9062 kill whitey mang, muh dick muh dick *mumbles about kings and shiet*
-0.9062 No one gives a fuck about your pathetic abomination of a life, go be a freak elsewhere.
-0.8553 We must let these savages in to rape our women!
-0.8126 14% of the population, 52% of the violent crime; what do you expect?
-0.8126 There are probably 1000s of virgin goats out there for you to rape, why are you wasting your time here?
-0.8111 Very very sad to see the destruction of europe.
-0.802 Phobia is an irrational fear.
-0.8016 No shit, your white guilt is off the radar!
-0.79 Nah, he just realised that this is just another idiot who is so ashamed of being white he has to adopt a non-white kid to appease all that white guilt.
-0.7845 Avoid niggers; avoid crime.
-0.7828 It doesn't exist; it's more nigger propaganda.
-0.7783 Kendrick Lamar, by far, the worst nigger alive.