/u/leebintroll1 is a total dick!

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0.8478 I definitely agree, this is the perfect depiction of a chimp!
0.6369 Apartheid was the best thing for SA.
0.6369 lmfao ["sports"], competitive eating is not a sport.
0.5994 Lmao at these idiots thinking they have him stumped now.
0.5994 Lmao, the nigga just got rekt .
0.5574 He's rich so he has the option to dilute the white genome.
0.5562 Fun Fact: When they say ''roaring 20's'', what they're talking about is her weight in stone!
0.4926 Y'all be safe now!
0.4077 Other more talented actors miss out due to this "quota" that needs to be met.
0.4019 To your second question; yes.
0.3612 Objectively speaking, she looks like shrek.

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-0.8934 There wuz dis girl and guy and their families were rivals or some shit and then they were dating and died by poison.
-0.8126 14% of the population, 52% of the violent crime; what do you expect?
-0.8126 There are probably 1000s of virgin goats out there for you to rape, why are you wasting your time here?
-0.8076 X Y Z Sugar on bread, if you don't like it suck my dick nigger
-0.7828 It doesn't exist; it's more nigger propaganda.
-0.7579 This is disgusting, you should feel ashamed.
-0.7351 You fake news fucks are something else.
-0.6908 She's got no chin and is fat as fuck.
-0.6908 Where's the Muslim rape squads?.
-0.6901 What are you, some kind of faggot?
-0.6597 Europe is getting fucked by rapefugees* FTFY
-0.6597 Close your mouth faggot