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0.8872 She smiled and was really happy and excited!
0.8513 It's easier to start out with DILD and MILD techniques . Keep trying and don't give up, it can take quite some time to have a LD. Good luck!!
0.8386 Wow, really amazing!! Never give this up, no matter what people say!!
0.8324 It takes some practice After this feeling I normally find myself in a dream. Good luck!
0.8016 Thank you for your answer! In my first lucid dreams asking for clarity usually worked, now less so.
0.7568 Either way, it's up to you. Good luck with your LDing!!
0.7506 You are being watched like a loving mother by your subconscious.
0.7339 I only know of WILD, which requires you sleep then wake up then go lucid... Thanks for the help!!
0.7312 This is not instructional, but is amazing, albeit a little bit weird!!
0.6908 The blurriness I see is like a smudge of yellow, presumably from a lamp. As for my situation, my life is pretty much the same compared to when i started lucid dreaming.
0.6696 I would love to!

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-0.4019 It's a big problem with all the resources available...
-0.3182 Normally, aside from being hard to move I have blurry vision and a difficult time opening my eyes. I think it's some kind of sleep paralysis
-0.296 No sailor controls the sea.
-0.1531 It affected me quite a lot in the beginning.
0.0 I once told a DC that everything was my dream...
0.0 It's never too late!
0.0 Kudus to you for pointing this out!!
0.0 Just tonight I said I was dreaming...
0.0 It is a deep deep deep place. This!
0.0 It's something I feel more people should know about...
0.0 http://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initiated-lucid-dreams-wild/82529-yoshis-wild-technique.html
0.0 In terms of supplements I can't really give you any advice there.