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0.9427 Not exactly a typical totem pole, but I liked the idea of [a crow on top of an octopus on top of an elephant.] Hope she likes it!
0.916 A bit late, but drawing this [friendly dragon] was fun. Hope you like it!
0.908 I love the super cute [Alolan Pokemon keycaps!]
0.8948 Glad to hear that! I like crows, octopi, and elephants as well, so I really enjoyed drawing this.
0.8906 Now, that was fun, but winning would really be the Cherry on Topre! Thank you for the giveaway!
0.8885 Loved the idea of Hohenheim riding an upvote arrow through space because he is just awesome like that.
0.8553 I'm really enjoying using them so far, and they're good encouragement to take more notes in class .
0.8478 Wow, they sync impressively well!
0.8344 That's very interesting, thank you for sharing!
0.8126 For Christmas, I would love a disembodied hand with a ring.
0.7964 While we do have a small audition for new players, it is pretty relaxed since we're still growing.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.636 No problem!
-0.6115 That is utterly horrifying.
-0.5719 A Sifoncre's fuzzy body is particularly fragile, and only a few drops of ink will drown it.
-0.4019 A shy creature, the Sifoncre hides in the dark recesses of a fountain pen cap until it senses that the fountain pen is uncapped and unattended.
-0.3818 I'm sorry for your loss.
-0.3182 [He lost his brain...]
0.0 I hand-painted some [mostly Ghibli-themed keycaps].
0.0 Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I should price them?
0.0 What would be a reasonable price for hand-painted keycaps?
0.0 To mankind!
0.0 Here's a comment!
0.0 If I had to choose, though, it would be the ink test trading card notebooks.