/u/layzaskully is a total dick!

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0.8472 I don't want to have sex with her because I only care for her in a platonic way, but also am not blind and can see that's she's pretty.
0.8126 To me it seems your father has always been like this but now he's feeling entitled in acting like an asshole in public because of Trump's victory.
0.6384 Yeah but it's not looking so well.
0.6249 I have one of those, it's awesome.
0.6155 It wasn't bad, but I basically figured out how it all would play out in the first 5 minutes.
0.5949 I've never been so grateful for not living in the USA before.
0.5859 Wow people at CNN are so dense.
0.5719 Brexit seems like a joke now.
0.5383 I would too, and you would too if you were homeless for fuck's sake so just stop whining and fucking grow up already!!! And that hand on Eddie's shoulder just like Cal always does???
0.5267 Yay for trailers which reveal the entire plot of a movie.
0.5267 That's the italian "justice system" for you.

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-0.9074 I'm so fucking mad at how idiotic Hawk is and I fucking hate him.
-0.875 I was 13 and I had a panic attack because I realized "oh shit I can get pregnant from now on".
-0.8728 Can't wait to see what comes next, but I have to take a break because this was so fucked up...
-0.8687 THE FUCK? Where did he even get that shit???
-0.8655 I guess they think he doesn't deserve to spend 16 years in prison? He deserves much worse because he's a fucking coward.
-0.8591 Fuck this shit I want to scream right now.
-0.8176 Hell I live on the other side of the planet and even I am scared.
-0.7964 Fuck this shit.
-0.7889 I'm having a fucking panic attack rn.
-0.7845 This went from sad to creepy to wtf.
-0.7351 I need to get drunk rn, this is bullshit.
-0.7236 How can she kill herself when she's strapped down to thar chair??