/u/larryh508 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 You should feel great because you are deserving of love and respect.
0.8873 The body is beautiful but the confidence and determination is so fucking hot here.
0.8519 Well, personally, I love it with a passion.
0.8481 Great boobs, great body...perfection
0.8414 You are so cute and beautiful.
0.8381 You have a fantastic body, but that shouldn't be why you feel great about yourself.
0.7177 Thanks for sharing!
0.6908 My god, this is fantastic
0.68 Welcome, please keep it up!
0.6696 Best gonewild post of the month comes on the last day!
0.6689 So beautiful!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7783 Soapy, slutty, perfect* ass
-0.7351 But damn, you just made an ass out of me.
-0.5848 Bring that ass over here for a spanking!
-0.5562 You'll need my dick first!
-0.5267 The city would be stupid not to
-0.3818 Baby girl is cute as hell
-0.3612 I doubt she ever has
-0.3595 I vote for no underwears everyday!
-0.0274 I watched werckmeister harmonies and assumed I wouldn't see anything better today.
0.0 Seeing people unashamed of their bodies.
0.0 It's the whole package.
0.0 How about: "I left two strings on to keep the prudes off my back"