/u/laffer27 is kind of a dick.

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0.8473 Fairwork wont get his money back even if they rule in his favor its not mandatory that it's paid back next step would be to take their findings to small claims court and hope to win that.
0.7946 It happened outside the fox hotel so clearly strong lockout laws are required outside of business operating hours.
0.7548 Bump it up $10-$15 extra per hour and you will get more interest. Edit: Thanks for the downvote Liberal's
0.743 That ending he was like oh god my coach is going to double down on my training if I say yes to everyday
0.7003 FEG on the other hand would ensure they get their money regardless.
0.7003 My father has a cigar store and would like to offer you and your father a free cigar of your choice. EDIT: Why the downvotes?
0.6901 I fucking love when she swears
0.6249 Was a great 2 months away with my wife and child.
0.5994 For a wedding next year as well lol
0.5719 When he won the gold he very publicly tanked the relationship so that he could sleep around.
0.5423 Yes, they sent me an email with the fine attached.

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-0.8779 Must have sucked that bitch Tanya's dick.
-0.8779 If they die and the people who threw the spears get charged with manslaughter and on release get speared in the legs killing them and the cycle begins again.
-0.8275 What a cunt threatening violence against a woman he must be so cool.
-0.8126 MommaCherri no disrespect, I just get frustrated at minor things and vent it openly.
-0.7964 Even knowing now it was to cover penalty rates I still wont be buying a pizza from Dominos on a Sunday a company that large should be paying penalty rates no matter what.
-0.7553 Everyone forgets that Bradbury was still an arse hole to his girlfriend at the time and dumped her so he could fuck around.
-0.7269 Not to shit in your sanga mate but the video from OP is the dudes channel so no need to link again.
-0.7096 I lost my shit at this comment for some reason.
-0.6908 Shortly after the wine incident a fly came into the dining room and hovered above both Pablo and Limon and Limon is quoted as saying Are you going to kill that fly patron?
-0.6808 Hell I know homeless people who will stamp things for days just for some food.
-0.6705 like how the fuck how the fuck.
-0.6597 You say shit like that but I just want to see her cunt flaps